The race for “Stories”

Merry Christmas guys. May this Christmas bring peace and harmony to each one of you and may the new year bring you Joy and prosperity.  I haven't been writing much of late but there has been a topic that has been revolving in my mind for some time now.  A few years back there was... Continue Reading →

Mr. 2017

Hello wonderful people! A new year is less than a month away and perhaps all of us are busy counting our good and bad memories. Today I am trying something different. What if 2017 was an individual and he wanted to talk to you before we discard him forever. Over to him! Hey guys, Mr.... Continue Reading →

Choices that make or break your bonds!

Friends are the individuals who fill those gaps which our elders cannot fill in our lives. Hence it's so important you have some true friends.  Someone has rightly said that life teaches you something new almost everyday. I have learnt a lot from my experiences recently and I'm back again to share them with you. ... Continue Reading →

Self love and acceptance

Hello bloggers! I'm back again with another collaboration. I guess you've already seen the title.  It's teachers day in India today so before I start here's wishing all the teachers a very happy teachers day! Self love and acceptance, if I were to describe these terms I'd say that this is the medicine to nearly... Continue Reading →

Friendships, a step at a time!

Hello bloggers! Time for yet another collaboration. This time we are here with the theme, "One step at a time." In our world of today every soul talks about the importance of doing things in an order or to put it in simpler words, doing things one step at a time! How many of us... Continue Reading →

The Power of mental strength!

Strength, a word used so often by us humans. Youth are more focused on muscle and body strength, elders about strength of family relationships and a huge number of people focused on mental strength.  Even when we buy something new from the market, we do ask the shopkeeper about the strength and durability of the... Continue Reading →

No phone day!

Hello bloggers! Our 2017 is almost half done. Like someone once said," The more you worry about yesterday, lesser adventurous will your tomorrow be." So we should be more interested to plan to finish off the remaining of 2017 and not worry about the past. On that note let's start! A few months back I... Continue Reading →

The all or none law!

Hello there! It's been quite a while since I last posted, but I must admit that I've really missed being here. Hope you guys are having a great time!  The all or none law! What is it? Nothing totally alien to human beings. Infact it's a law followed by each of our healthy hearts.  Here's... Continue Reading →

The Defining loss!!

While I was in the 7th grade I remember my class teacher telling us that school life is like a cocoon. School children are unaware of the real face of life. He said that the world outside this campus would be a totally different one. Nobody cares about anyone else. The only person who is... Continue Reading →

Live life, don’t just run!

Hello guys! Yesterday was April fool's day. Personally I feel that this is by far the most difficult day to live in the entire year. Almost everything we see or hear is a prank.  I recently watched a movie titled James and Alice. It's a Malayalam movie based on the journey of James and Alice, who... Continue Reading →

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