One year and counting!

"Time makes us forget people but there are some people who make us forget time."  My blog has just turned an year old! It's been a very adventurous and incredible one year in this place. A phase which has taught me loads of lessons.  When I first posted I never dreamed of the response that... Continue Reading →

Have Earphones murdered our social life?

We all have phones and a majority of us also carry this accessory called the earphones along with the phones.  There was a time when we used to leave home with just a wallet. Now the list of must-haves has grown and the earphones are one of them.  How did earphones become a habit and... Continue Reading →

The secret ingredient!

Do you know KFC? Well that's a crazy question right, who doesn't? So, we all must be familiar with the fact that they have some secret blend of ingredients that they use in their preparations. This secret ingredient makes them different from the others.  That's regarding KFC. What about you? Do you have a secret... Continue Reading →

Birth: A Miracle!

Half of February is done. I hope the high tide of love that knocked at our doors doesn't turn low after the conclusion of Valentine's day. Recently I was just checking through my news feed on Facebook and I came across a video which showed the development of a child from Fecundation till birth. Amazing video. I... Continue Reading →

Love, a feeling beyond imagination!

Love! Everytime I think of love, there are so many thoughts that come to my mind. Ever since I was in high school I just loved writing long paragraphs about love. I have grown up seeing the concept of love change to various forms. I seriously don't like the idea of defining love. This thing... Continue Reading →

A letter from Love!

Hello there, do you remember me? I'm Love. We first met when you were in your mother's womb. Everytime you moved in her womb, she would be happy and tell your father about you.  When you were born, your parents filled their hearts with me. While you were growing up your parents kept giving me... Continue Reading →

Human ‘insecure’ beings

Human beings, we have so many words and phrases to describe ourselves. One of them is,"Man is a social being!" It definitely sounds cool and pleasing but I doubt if we actually live upto it.  All of us are very much aware of what has been happening in the US recently. The newly appointed president... Continue Reading →

Excuses are suicide attempts

Excuses! What are they? Before I thought of writing this blog I thought of checking out the meaning of this word. The definition says, "a reason used to lessen the blame." Plain and simple.  So, you might be wondering what has that got to do with suicide attempts.  We humans have a very irritating habit.... Continue Reading →

India, the synonym of incredible!

India celebrated its 68th republic day on 26th January this year. As usual the social media was overflowing with pictures of people with Indian flags. More importantly a flame of patriotism was lit up in every Indian heart.  Like all other social media, WordPress had a lot of interesting articles. From talking about people's attitude... Continue Reading →

Is Childhood converging into smartphones?

If Children are flowers then childhood is the garden where these flowers blossom and spread their fragrance. The innocence and purity of a child's thoughts is what makes childhood so divine and special.  It's really awkward sometimes when you think of the situation. With age we learn new things, we become mature, so shouldn't things... Continue Reading →

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