Choices that make or break your bonds!

Friends are the individuals who fill those gaps which our elders cannot fill in our lives. Hence it’s so important you have some true friends. 

Someone has rightly said that life teaches you something new almost everyday. I have learnt a lot from my experiences recently and I’m back again to share them with you. 

All of us have friends, each one as unique as the snow flakes(did you know that each snow flake has a different design). Each individual has his strengths and weaknesses. No rocket science needed to understand this, I guess!

Now, there’s one statement we use so often and we hardly tend to notice what it is trying to say. “Friendships are built.”

Yes, we build these bonds, they don’t just develop by magic. Like constructing a building, takes time, pain and effort. However, there are some really basic aspects of friendships that we take for granted and the most important one in this list is trust

Nobody has the right to call someone a good friend unless they trust each other. 

Like always, here’s an example!

You and your friend have known each other for a few years. Due to some reasons you seem to have changed a lot recently in your way of dealing with people(although you don’t intend to hurt people) and this could be disturbing to many too. 

Now, your friend is obviously disturbed, he doesn’t like this change. 

Here’s a question to you all! If you were this guy what would be the right thing to do?

This so called great friend of yours goes around sharing his not so valuable thoughts with random people. 

Not a very good move, I’d say!

A principle I’ve always believed in when it comes to friendships(and also while dealing with people) is that, you have a problem with your friend go and share it with him, be honest to him. The suggestion might not be well accepted, but the long  term effects are always positive. 

Make friends for life, not for intentions!

Now let’s analyse the outcomes to better understand this.

Complaining to others: The issue doesn’t get solved. Instead you are getting an individual disgraced. Which isn’t a good thing. 

Sharing your concern with the person concerned: If you go and tell him/her about your insecurities, the immediate response will vary, but at the end of the day you are helping your friend be a better individual and trust me, this gesture of yours will only make him/her trust you more than before.

The moment you begin to feel insecure, just go and tell him/her,”Buddy, I think you are getting too carried away.” 

Gossips have never done good and will never do so even in future.  It’s time you start sharing thoughts with the right people because problems are solved at their roots not elsewhere. 

Hearing a close friend complaining to others about oneself isn’t a great feeling. And no excuse on Earth can ever restore this lost faith. This is how important some choices are. 

One sensible act could either make you someone’s treasured friend or a fake one forever. Choose wisely!

That’s it for now. Hope I was able to tickle your impulses. Have a great day and yes make the right choices in life. God bless! 

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  1. “All of us have friends, each one as unique as the snow flakes(did you know that each snow flake has a different design). ” <— love that!😊

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