The all or none law!

Hello there! It’s been quite a while since I last posted, but I must admit that I’ve really missed being here. Hope you guys are having a great time! 

The all or none law! What is it? Nothing totally alien to human beings. Infact it’s a law followed by each of our healthy hearts. 

Here’s the definition:

The principle that under given conditions the response of a nerve or muscle fiber to a stimulus at any strength above the threshold is the same: the muscle or nerve responds completely or not at all.

So basically it says that either the muscles of the heart contract or they don’t contract at all. 

Other than it’s medical point of view here’s what I have learnt from it. Whatever you do in life, either you give your 100% or just don’t do it at all. 

Sounds pretty simple I guess. A lot of people will have other opinions but I feel that such a mentality helps us be more happy in our approach to life. 

How this makes a person more interested and filled with enthusiasm?

What do people enjoy the most? Which task keeps a tired man wide awake even at midnight? What makes you feel happy? 

There is just one answer to all these questions. It is the deeds that we love to do and do them with passion. 

Here’s an example!

A not so interested student studying after having a really delicious dinner and comforted by a really cozy environment. If I was that student, I would be dozing off. 

Most students get the best sleep while they sit to study! This is a widely accepted truth, isn’t it?

Now, suddenly his mother enters the room and tells him that tomorrow’s a holiday and that the whole family is going out for a movie. What will he say? 

Obvious answer, he’ll be up and alert and ready to sacrifice his entire night’s sleep. 

We get bored of our lives primarily because we tend to do things that we don’t enjoy doing. We spend most of our time complaining and fussing about it.

Why do we admire our role models? It’s because we see them happy and full of energy. We see them battling hardships with courage. Why? Because they do things with passion. 

Never do something only to compete with someone else. You’ll never benefiting from this. You are only going to end up cursing yourself. 

The moment we start executing our tasks with passion and with 100% attention. Boredom becomes extinct!

You’ve just made your life so much more enjoyable and so much fun. You’ll now start loving yourself, no more complaining and you are now your favourite!

Let’s not get ourselves bored of life by living life half-heartedly. Do things when you feel you can give it your best. 

Students! Don’t study because you want to score more marks than someone else, you might end up being a top scorer but that’s not the end. The more passion you put in, the more enjoyable and fruitful your efforts will be.

The world respects your passion. We remember Paul Walker because he lived his life with passion, not because he drove well! 

Someone once said to follow the heart. He was right! The heart follows The all or none law, which means that a normal heart either contracts or it doesn’t contract at all. Similarly in life, don’t just do something with half interest. Do it well, or just don’t do it. Try it, you’ll never be bored in life! 

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  1. Great post! Doing something wholeheartedly is the key to not only success but happiness too. Btw, there’s another thing I learnt from that student’s example. If we get bored doing things half – heartedly then we shouldn’t study at all! 😜

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  2. Wow… That’s my reaction when I read last lines of your post. A medical student who has a great prospective can write this amazing post and believe me it’s your one of the best post. Waiting for you next one.

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  3. Though I whole-heartedly believe in ‘The all or none law’, life never fails in throwing balls at us, all we are asked to do is handle those balls regardless of our interest. Activities that we might not be keen in performing but we anyhow have to do them because of some mandate condition.
    So, now what I follow is- no matter what (and how many) uninvited balls you need to handle, always keep your favorite ball along with you; this way in hard times when you feel like giving-up, the favorite ball of yours would give you the reason to smile, to laugh, to relax, to enjoy. πŸ˜€

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    1. Very true Aditi! Everyone doesn’t always get the chance to do things they love. But the truth is that anything done with complete intent is always enjoyable. There is a quote “Enjoy what you do and do what you enjoy!” We can’t do what we enjoy forever but we can enjoy want we do!
      Until your comment I don’t think I thought from this prospective you’ve tickled. Thank you so much for your valuable input!😊

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      1. Yes, Jothish. There are things though that no matter how much we try, we just cannot come in terms with them. That is when what we love doing can help us in perking our spirits up. πŸ˜‰
        Anytime. πŸ™‚

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  4. Amazing post JJ!!! Seems like your back πŸ™‚
    ” A normal heart either contracts or it doesn’t contract at all” what a line πŸ™‚ Loved it
    well done! Do keep writing amazing post πŸ˜‰

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    1. Hey Sandra! So so glad to see you! Wasn’t planning to post this later but I just couldn’t resist. Anyways it’s really encouraging to see that I still have support despite being a untimely blogger!

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  5. Jothish is back!!! With a powerful punch too! Lovely words. Yes! Do something because you are passionate about it. I’ve developed this mentality the older I have gotten. The fruits will show if you work hard at your passion. Thank you for your positive words today!

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  6. It is lovely to see you blogging again Jothish, and with another eye opening post. What is the point on wasting our time and energy on something that doesn’t make us happy. We must follow our hearts and do the things we seek good.

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    1. Hey! I’ve really missed blogging and the little conversations we have. So glad to see you. I have exams in a few weeks, so was busy with the preparations. Today I was desperate to post and I did.
      How have you been Rebecca?

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      1. Glad you blogged even if it was in a desperate case. I wish you all the best in your exams. I too am prepping for exams, and I have been very well. Thank you for asking. Besides preparing for your exams how have you been Jothish?

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      2. I’ve been good too. Enjoying everything that life has up its sleeve. Regular classes and the usual moments with friends, it’s all a cycle which is very usual but always special.
        All the best to you too! May you come out victorious with flying colours.😊

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  7. This is amazing Joseph ! I love what I do, yes except for the terrible exams that we medicos have every now and then. 😁
    And I thought it will be some physics thing initially after reading the title. The way you connected this wonderful thought with physics is waow !

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  8. Wow. You’re right.
    No passion equals no satisfaction. Give it your all or don’t even bother wasting your time. These are all so very true principles of life.
    Loved how you backed up the point with science.. πŸ˜€
    Good to have you back, Rainforest.

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