Birth: A Miracle!

Half of February is done. I hope the high tide of love that knocked at our doors doesn’t turn low after the conclusion of Valentine’s day. Recently I was just checking through my news feed on Facebook and I came across a video which showed the development of a child from Fecundation till birth. Amazing video. I … More Birth: A Miracle!

A letter from Love!

Hello there, do you remember me? I’m Love. We first met when you were in your mother’s womb. Everytime you moved in her womb, she would be happy and tell your father about you.  When you were born, your parents filled their hearts with me. While you were growing up your parents kept giving me … More A letter from Love!

Is Childhood converging into smartphones?

If Children are flowers then childhood is the garden where these flowers blossom and spread their fragrance. The innocence and purity of a child’s thoughts is what makes childhood so divine and special.  It’s really awkward sometimes when you think of the situation. With age we learn new things, we become mature, so shouldn’t things … More Is Childhood converging into smartphones?