The all or none law!

Hello there! It's been quite a while since I last posted, but I must admit that I've really missed being here. Hope you guys are having a great time!  The all or none law! What is it? Nothing totally alien to human beings. Infact it's a law followed by each of our healthy hearts.  Here's... Continue Reading →


The Defining loss!!

While I was in the 7th grade I remember my class teacher telling us that school life is like a cocoon. School children are unaware of the real face of life. He said that the world outside this campus would be a totally different one. Nobody cares about anyone else. The only person who is... Continue Reading →

10 bloggers, 10 dimensions, 1 theme! 

Have you ever heard of the coagulation cascade? Do you realise the similarity it bears with the way our life progresses? It is the mechanism that our blood follows to clot and prevent bleeding. There are many factors involved in this. If even one of the factors is missing, clotting doesn't occur.  Each of our... Continue Reading →

Live life, don’t just run!

Hello guys! Yesterday was April fool's day. Personally I feel that this is by far the most difficult day to live in the entire year. Almost everything we see or hear is a prank.  I recently watched a movie titled James and Alice. It's a Malayalam movie based on the journey of James and Alice, who... Continue Reading →

One year and counting!

"Time makes us forget people but there are some people who make us forget time."  My blog has just turned an year old! It's been a very adventurous and incredible one year in this place. A phase which has taught me loads of lessons.  When I first posted I never dreamed of the response that... Continue Reading →

The secret ingredient!

Do you know KFC? Well that's a crazy question right, who doesn't? So, we all must be familiar with the fact that they have some secret blend of ingredients that they use in their preparations. This secret ingredient makes them different from the others.  That's regarding KFC. What about you? Do you have a secret... Continue Reading →

Birth: A Miracle!

Half of February is done. I hope the high tide of love that knocked at our doors doesn't turn low after the conclusion of Valentine's day. Recently I was just checking through my news feed on Facebook and I came across a video which showed the development of a child from Fecundation till birth. Amazing video. I... Continue Reading →

Love, a feeling beyond imagination!

Love! Everytime I think of love, there are so many thoughts that come to my mind. Ever since I was in high school I just loved writing long paragraphs about love. I have grown up seeing the concept of love change to various forms. I seriously don't like the idea of defining love. This thing... Continue Reading →

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