Are you healthy?

30 thoughts on “Are you healthy?”

  1. I’m happy to see you back with the collaboration, Jothish, and great post! I agree with the fancy pictorial quote; real health is a reflection of our core. Mental health is still a stigma in many parts of the world, and I’m glad you wrote this post. 😀

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  2. “There was a time when a protruding belly was seen as a sign of a wealthy household. Now it’s nearly a shame.”

    I gave “me” from my childhood a big high five when I saw this. I mean… that girl was rich!! Ha ha.
    What a truly insightful and practical post. Short but powerful.

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  3. I like that you raised mental health in your post. Short, but very meaningful post on how we need to tackle all areas of health and not just one topic. And yes, concept of health changes over time but it still boils down to healthy eating and healthy lifestyle.

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  4. True words. It’s easy to appear healthy but real health is all about inner reflection. It is vital to work upon inner self than external self. Nice advice, doctor.

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  5. Well said, Jothish! I always love your words. You sound like Yoda. Ha ha. This made me laugh, “There was a time when a protruding belly was seen as a sign of a wealthy household. Now it’s nearly a shame.” I laughed because it sounded funny, but it’s very true. Have a wonderful weekend.

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  6. I agree that there are more social insecurities and not enough emphasis on mental health. It seems that social insecurities make us more body conscious. There seems to be more and more people into their physical appearance, which isn’t a bad thing. Except it seems we’ve stepped away from being mind conscious or aware of the health of our minds.

    We’re so external now, that we don’t look internally.

    Perhaps, it’s because we can see the physical but not see into someone’s mind or thoughts. I think that we need to shift our priority and make mental health at the top of the list.

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