Living the alphabets – A

19 thoughts on “Living the alphabets – A”

    1. It’s really amazing how diverse our minds can get. So much can be done just with the Alphabets! I must indeed dive in your A-Z challenge.
      Attitude does actually form the foundation of our lives.
      Have a blissful day!

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  1. One can shine in glories and win the toughest battles if one has the right Attitude. When Talent succumbs to hardships then it is Attitude alone which invigorates and makes one victorious. The myths and legends throughout the world carry forward this idea to count a few; the example of BHAGIRATH PRAYTNA, HERCULEAN TASK, and the latest one is the tremendous endeavour of the MOUNTAIN MAN MANJHI.

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      1. Time is very crucial to achieve a lot in this life but that doesn’t mean we don’t lack a bit. Though, that is where making time comes in. Thank you, such a kind thing to say about me, not very sure regarding glitter. I do hope you are enjoying your festival too.

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      1. Glad to see you too. I know. Catching up is hard. No worries. You can take your time. I have just returned after quite a long break. I’ve got so much to catch up too. πŸ˜„

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