Yes you can be friends!

When we hear the word friend or friendship, many of us create an image in our minds. Ironically the image either has only boys or only girls. Does that mean we assume that boys can be friends only with boys and girls only with girls? If so, perhaps it’s time we click on the pause … Continue reading Yes you can be friends!

Colors of Our Rainbows

It’s Easter ladies and gentleman, the festival of new life is here again, it gives me immense pleasure to be able to publish my latest post on such a auspicious occasion. We all know what a rainbow is, don’t we? This aesthetic wonder potrays all the basic colors of nature, all the others we visualize are … Continue reading Colors of Our Rainbows

The Second chance

There have been several instances in our lives when we were desperately thirsty to make amendments. Opportunities are as vast as the universe but its how you seize your opportunity that makes you a winner in the long run. People all over the world have their own ideas for the term “existence”, some call it happiness, some think … Continue reading The Second chance