Live life, don’t just run!

Hello guys! Yesterday was April fool’s day. Personally I feel that this is by far the most difficult day to live in the entire year. Almost everything we see or hear is a prank. 

I recently watched a movie titled James and Alice. It’s a Malayalam movie based on the journey of James and Alice, who were love birds turned to a couple. 

This movie tickled​ my thoughts. It ends with a very wonderful phrase saying,” Death gave me a second chance and it was called life.”

So what is it all about? There is a beautifully​ presented stat in the movie. A 60 year old man lives for 21,900 days. Out of this half of the time is spent for our night’s sleep, which means we are awake for only 10,950 days! Upto the age of 15 we live under the control of our parents and after 55 under the control of our children. So we actually have control of only 30-35 years of our lives. This is the time we spend in our entire life doing what we end up doing, good or bad! 

So basically life is short. Nothing new about that right? How many of us actually live our lives instead of just running through it? Very few. 

When two people are in love, they speak so much to each other. They say I love you numerous times in a day, but this number becomes zero once they are married. Why? Do the they love each other anymore? Is the burden of running a family forcing us to run? 

Many of us have a very false assumption that once we start earning the sole purpose of life is to earn and collect for our future generations. Remember money can earn you luxury but it can never create fond memories. 

When a man dies, people make a report card of him based on the kind of life he lived. Nobody discusses his salary. Death is a full-stop to the money earned but the memories live forever. Earn more respect and memories than just money.

There’s ​another thought tickling instance in the movie. After marriage James and Alice weren’t communicating with each other, James was busy earning and making money. This hurts Alice. She wants the support and presence of her husband. Eventually she applies for a divorce. They meet a counselor and there she speaks out her reasons. James didn’t say anything in response and offers her a glass of water and says,“Well said, if you would say all this to me while we were together, we wouldn’t be here today.” 

Yes, a lot of our problems can be solved if we are ready to talk. We humans don’t have any preinstalled software in us which enables us to predict what someone else is feeling. Freedom of expression is a human right, use it, don’t just say that you have it. Challenges come free with life and instead of grumbling it’s more apt to speak up and get over it. 

The days are limited in life but not the possibilities. 

While studying we are busy trying to outscore our rival. In teenage we are busy running for jobs and after marriage we are busy running for money. Have a look, we haven’t lived life yet, all we are doing great is just running. If that’s all we plan to do, then might as well rename life to race. 

Run when you need to but don’t let life be only about running! April fool’s day is only on 1st of April, don’t fool yourself for an entire life. 

Wish you a very enjoyable and peaceful day. God bless!

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  1. Very well written post Jothish, it’s always a pleasure to get to read your blogs that are no less than artworks. The way you connect pictures and quotes to your posts are very thoughtful and make the reading more interesting. Best wishes for your great work 🙂

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      1. I’ll definitely check it out. As I have said many times, your work stands out. You write seldom but that seldom is still amazing! The only problem however is that we readers get less opportunity to interact with you!

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  2. This is truly a thought provoking write-up!! I have seen people chasing the six figures salary and losing life in the transition. Eventually they forget why were they running because in the end they still are not happy with money.

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  3. “Death gave me a second chance and it was called life.” … Such a good post! I believe the best part of marriage is the continuous courtship… We change as we get older and so the journey to discovering each other needs to remain constant… Your absolutely right… Intimacy of sharished moments and true companionships are taken for granted…but when the dust settles from our busy schedules… What’s left??… As always you get the mind racing of simplistic logics masked by the notions of untold truths ☺☺

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  4. Thought provoking and an awesome post… just like there is a saying ” you can always make money… you can’t always make memories…” we weren’t born just to pay bills … You’ve nailed it! Thumbs up for that 👍🏼👍🏼

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  5. You always make such a good point. Reading your post made me think of so many things. Sometimes I hate myself for not having patience with my little one at all times and I get upset but instead I should just forget all bad things and look at her, smile and just live.
    Thank you for yet another great read

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  6. This is wonderful Jothish! You bring up so many great points. Life is a journey and money doesn’t always equate to success or happiness. Enjoy the little blessings we have every day. Have a wonderful Sunday!

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      1. We all are running, parents and society are pushing, no one knows where is the end what is it all about, like herds of sheep we travel together, in a whole purpose to be safe with others!

        The reminders are life savours, at the end the richest person is also buried next to a sweeper…

        It does make a big difference in a small way!

        It’s really nice to read something like this and so welcome!❤😇

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  7. I wish more and more people could read this. I’M DEFINITELY SHARING THIS ON MY WALL. The way you described the modern day problems in such a free effortlessly flowing way, I absolutely loved it, especially the problems they face after marriage, the lack of communication. It is so far the most common problem why couples fall apart. Very well written Joseph. Way to go ♡♡

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    1. Thank you Taj… It’s an achievement for me to know that I was able to gets my thoughts across to you and more importantly impress you. Thanks for those lovely words of appreciation. Have a great time! 😊

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  8. What a lovely post. We do spend our lives rushing about and stressing over things that waste our time. Enjoy life as this is not a dress rehearsal.

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