The Power of mental strength!

Strength, a word used so often by us humans. Youth are more focused on muscle and body strength, elders about strength of family relationships and a huge number of people focused on mental strength.  Even when we buy something new from the market, we do ask the shopkeeper about the strength and durability of the... Continue Reading →

The all or none law!

Hello there! It's been quite a while since I last posted, but I must admit that I've really missed being here. Hope you guys are having a great time!  The all or none law! What is it? Nothing totally alien to human beings. Infact it's a law followed by each of our healthy hearts.  Here's... Continue Reading →

The Defining loss!!

While I was in the 7th grade I remember my class teacher telling us that school life is like a cocoon. School children are unaware of the real face of life. He said that the world outside this campus would be a totally different one. Nobody cares about anyone else. The only person who is... Continue Reading →

The secret ingredient!

Do you know KFC? Well that's a crazy question right, who doesn't? So, we all must be familiar with the fact that they have some secret blend of ingredients that they use in their preparations. This secret ingredient makes them different from the others.  That's regarding KFC. What about you? Do you have a secret... Continue Reading →

Birth: A Miracle!

Half of February is done. I hope the high tide of love that knocked at our doors doesn't turn low after the conclusion of Valentine's day. Recently I was just checking through my news feed on Facebook and I came across a video which showed the development of a child from Fecundation till birth. Amazing video. I... Continue Reading →

Is Childhood converging into smartphones?

If Children are flowers then childhood is the garden where these flowers blossom and spread their fragrance. The innocence and purity of a child's thoughts is what makes childhood so divine and special.  It's really awkward sometimes when you think of the situation. With age we learn new things, we become mature, so shouldn't things... Continue Reading →

Birthdays are not judgement days!

The sun has set and the clock running past 12 has marked the end of another birthday. It's been a great day with showers of blessings from near and dear ones. A day when even the most idle smartphone has a busy day. A day which over the years has evolved and changed drastically. Yes, it's... Continue Reading →

Newton’s first law of motion and YOU!

Every child who has been to school has definitely cursed Newton several times. They keep saying," Why couldn't he just eat that apple and be satisfied?" He was undoubtedly one of the greatest scientists the world has ever seen. Almost everything we do today is related in some way or the other to the laws... Continue Reading →

The bathroom singer 

We all know of people who have this habit of singing in the bathroom. Even some of you reading this might be proud owners of this habit.  Today I am going to make an attempt to dive deep into the feelings of such people. I am trying of describe what I feel about this. Not... Continue Reading →

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