10 bloggers, 10 dimensions, 1 theme! 

Have you ever heard of the coagulation cascade? Do you realise the similarity it bears with the way our life progresses?

It is the mechanism that our blood follows to clot and prevent bleeding. There are many factors involved in this. If even one of the factors is missing, clotting doesn’t occur. 

Each of our lives is similar to this. We meet several people during our journey on earth and some people turn out to be life defining for us. Certain aspects of our lives which if absent or lost make us so incomplete.

We humans have this very annoying habit of repenting and cursing when we lose. We don’t value someone or something when we actually have them.

Loss of our near and dear ones is one of those loses which hurt us the most. There are so many losses that we deal with in our daily lives. Lost jobs, family, friends, ambitions, purpose in life and so many more.

Some people breakdown completely and some make the loss the beginning of a new innings of life. 

Have you had such loses in life? How did you deal with them? Did the loss make you stronger or did it make you more miserable? Are loses meant to be full stops to what should be a life worth remembering? 

Today I’m really honoured to inform you about an upcoming Collaborative blog based on the theme of Loss and dealing with loss. It’s a blessing to be part of something so special and sharing the space with some really seasoned bloggers. 

Here are the bloggers who are part of this Collaboration! 

1. Jane love

2.Ipuna Black

3.Barb Caffrey

4.Tajwar Fatma

5.Sadaf Siddiqui

6.Addison D’Marko

7.Ajibola Sunday

8.Altea Addison

9.Nicolle K

10. Jothish Joseph(😊…)

Do visit their space and get set to experience a common theme from 10 different dimensions on the 19th of April 2017! 

Each blogger with a different story and a different loss. Don’t miss out! Who knows, this could be the spark you need. 

Life is a journey build from experiences and not a saga of losses.

43 thoughts on “10 bloggers, 10 dimensions, 1 theme! 

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  1. Loss in general can be both debilitating and recessitative at the same time. Time in itself is had a way to become non-existent and at the same time a constant…let me explain. I lost my daughter back in 2002. Some days it literally feels like a lifetime ago. I gain confidence in knowing I’m ok. Yet, something will trigger an emotion and I’m back to that day. Sometimes I feel it creeping in …almost like the feeling we feel when we think we are being followed. Like a looming pressure…on those days..the tears fall without any effort. Like my heart just needs to breath. As if staying firm in the pretense of peaceful contentment becomes too difficult to bare. The heart screams to be heard. On those days..I have to take time out to reboot. Allow myself to miss her …to feel guilty that I’ve laughed and loved without her…to say what I want to God… followed by the slow climb back to inner peace….back to reality. It’s a cycle …but one I know that has shaped who I am and I swear..after each bout; I get stronger as I learn something new within myself.

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    1. You have literally spoken your heart out and I’m so proud of the fact that I know such a strong person like you.
      I agree that sometimes we do need to give ourselves the freedom to let out that pain. Just like in pressure cookers! It only makes a person stronger.
      Your personal experience though is unfortunate but it has moulded the beautiful person that you are.

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  2. Heyyy Jothish…. long time man.. where were u? This is a super theme. All of us will be able to relate to it since we all lose something or someone at some point in life.

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    1. Hello Aditi! Yeah it’s been some time since my last post now. And yes, this is a theme so wide and connected. Every person has a unique story to narrate. I’m really excited and I hope I can match the excitement! Hope you are having a great time!

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      1. That’s because it’s a .com blog and not a .wordpress.com blog. You’ll have to subscribe via email.

        You can find that at the top right corner of the blog. It reads – Subscribe to Blog via Email

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  3. Congrats on your new collaboration. Will definitely check it out. Such losses are hard to suffer but I strongly believe that it’ll eventually mould us into a better, stronger versions. I’ll definitely check it out.

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