Thank you Profession!

Hello wonderful bloggers! I’m back to college after an amazing vacation and back again with a collaboration. 

Profession! How do you define this word? 

I guess the answers will be as diverse as humanity itself. Profession could mean so many things to each one of us. Let me share with you what it means to me.

Let’s personify this word. In my case it’s a girl. So, profession is a girl I fall in love with during the course of life. Her love towards me is a reflection of my own love. I don’t choose her only for her looks or but because I enjoy being with her. 

Every profession in the world has its own advantages and disadvantages but the only thing that matters is what we think. 

From the time we are born there are so many people involved in making our lives comfortable. Sweepers, drivers, plumbers, electricians, teachers, waiters, receptionists, coaches and so many more.

Let’s try something now. Close your eyes and try to remember all the people you met today and how they’ve been helpful to you. What if even one of them didn’t exist? Would things be as smooth as they have been? Perhaps not!

I personally believe that until I learn to respect people working for me, I don’t deserve my profession to love me back.

I want to speak about those people today who do the cleaning jobs around us. 

I have been in hostels for quite a long time now and I have seen many of my friends actually look down upon them. People throw waste on the floor and say that the sweepers will anyways clean so why should we bother to feed the dustbins!

I dont understand this mentality. Someone cleans your room because it’s their job not because they are your slaves.  

Someone once said,”Give respect and take respect.” I believe in this! Every time someone does something for me, I thank them. Saying a thank you doesn’t cost me anything but these words can make the person feel good and also reflect the dignity you’ve cultivated over the years.

I’ll share a personal example. 

One day I visited the Dhobi to give my laundry. As always there was a fairly long line. I stood in the queue and waited for my chance. The person just ahead of me rudely handed over his clothes and seemed to be very annoying. As a result the lady collecting the laundry was annoyed and visible change in her mood was seen. That’s when my turn came. I gave my laundry and said a thank you when I was done. I got a smile in return. 

Since that day every time that I go there, I am greeted with a smile and sometimes also enquired about how I’ve been! 

Words of gratitude! This is what they can do. It’s a blessing to be respected because in the world of respect there are no recessions. 

So let’s be grateful and earn respect from the people who deserve respect too.

This post is part of a collaboration, do lend your eyes to what this bunch of amazing people have to express. 

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Thank you and have a great day! God bless!

33 thoughts on “Thank you Profession!

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  1. Welcome back and I agree with this awesome post! It’s sad many people chose to look down on others just because of their profession; they’re people too, whether they are janitors, laundromat workers or truck drivers, and they all deserve respect. 🙂

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  2. You are one kindhearted person for treating cleaners with respect. Yes, they are humans, too and they don’t deserve to be treated badly. Thank you for the kindness. Respect begets respect. Wonderful post!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. I love this, Rainforest! This is so very true. Everybody deserves some respect no matter who they seem to be.
    Glad to see you’re still spreading smiles, bro.

    Much love!

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  4. I hate this mentality where you look down upon others esp. those working at low paid jobs. No one deserves such a bad treatment. I’m glad my father taught me from a very young age to respect every person, irrespective of their work. Nicely written.

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  5. Such an amazing and encouraging post. I do strongly agree with your words Jothish, nobody is a slave to us, sometimes it is their job that is different, but even then we must not make life hard for them.
    Some people are less fortunate than others, it does not mean we must criticise them or show them down for being so.

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  6. Well written! You are right. Everyone deserves respect regardless of their profession. It’s sad when people are treated unfairly because of their profession. Our lives wouldn’t run smoothly if it weren’t for so many and smiling and/or saying thank you is the least we can do to show our appreciation.

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