How diverse is diversity?

Hello there! First of all, heartfelt apologies for being a irregular blogger. I have been really occupied with college stuff but guess what, this really amazing group of bloggers called Collaboration with a purpose always pushes me to get something out on a monthly basis. This time we are going to share our views about DIVERSITY! 

I don’t think there’s anyone who hasn’t come across this term. Our world is a miracle in itself. 

According to Mr.Google there are 6909 languages in the world, some official and some still not documented. It’s worth noting how a world full of some many languages still manages to live in harmony (kind ofπŸ˜‰).

However, this is not the point I want to make to you guys today. We are going to talk about something I believe is new to your cranium. 

Recently, I read about a robot named Sofia. Well, I’m pretty sure that most of you know why she’s been trending recently. A robot with a citizenship! 

I must say that technology has made some serious progress but humans can never be replaced! 

In the years to come, I’m pretty sure of how much more advanced thing are gonna get. Machine learning and artificial intelligence have a great potential. However that one thing that will always be the flagship feature of hand is the diversity. 

The diversity of our thoughts! Guys you have no idea how amazing we actually are. For example, try asking people about how they’d react to a very rare situation. You’ll get some really cool results. Each human brain works uniquely. A male produces 525 billion sperms in a life time and a woman has 300,000 to 400,000 eggs. So the total number of unique children(from one couple!) that can be born is permutation and combination of these numbers. Since I’m not that great in maths I’m leaving that to you. 

Even identical twins are never ‘identical’ in practical life. 

This is how unique this world is, where opportunities are like an ocean and all we need to realise is to appreciate it. 

Never underestimate your potential because you know what, you are one of your kind! 

Humans can create innovations but innovations cannot create humans!

So I hope I sounded interesting. Do check out the thoughts of my lovely collaborators. Below are their links. Have an amazing life. God bless!

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22 thoughts on “How diverse is diversity?

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  1. Well said, it’s sad that people don’t see this and still give us these token characters who don’t add anything to the storyline and are just there for diversity’s sake like a tree could replace that character and it wouldn’t impact the storyline.

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  2. I agree that human brain works uniquely. There’s no two persons alike, even twins are never the same and have their uniqueness from each other. And yes, robots have great potential but it can never really replace human diversity. Nice post!

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  3. Great post! Wow, I never knew we have almost 7k languages in the world, and the crazy number of unique child permutations a set of parents could have; that goes to show how incredible humans can be and how unique we all are. πŸ˜€

    P.S. Uh, I had a squirrel moment earlier this morning and accidentally linked to your post under Divyang instead of your name. I’ve fixed that now, sorry about that. πŸ˜…

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