Birthdays are not judgement days!

The sun has set and the clock running past 12 has marked the end of another birthday. It's been a great day with showers of blessings from near and dear ones. A day when even the most idle smartphone has a busy day. A day which over the years has evolved and changed drastically. Yes, it's... Continue Reading →

Their love is immortal!

Being a parent is undoubtedly a tedious task. We children can't even imagine the pain which our ever supportive parents go through, until we ourselves become one.  From the moment we are born in this world full of challenges our parents start the enormous task of building a bright and secure future for us. There... Continue Reading →

Colors of Our Rainbows

It's Easter ladies and gentleman, the festival of new life is here again, it gives me immense pleasure to be able to publish my latest post on such a auspicious occasion. We all know what a rainbow is, don't we? This aesthetic wonder potrays all the basic colors of nature, all the others we visualize are... Continue Reading →

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