Living the Alphabets – E

Hello wonderful people! Hope you all had a great weekend and a blissful Easter too. Today let's continue our journey of with the alphabet "E". I've always believed that we must always earn our achievements. There is a sense of satisfaction that comes with hard earned goals and that feeling is beyond words. Whatever we... Continue Reading →

Living the Alphabets – D

No job in the world is less important than another. They become special by the way they are executed. Even the most ordinary profession gets noticed when it's done with pure dedication. Someone once said," As long as you are the best in what you do, nothing else hardly matters." That's why I have chosen... Continue Reading →

Living the Alphabets – C

Competition, a word that's become almost the trend of our generation. How do you see competition? What are your benchmarks? Has competition made you stronger or have you made a complete mess out of it? So here's the "C" of living the alphabets! "C FOR COMPETE" I have always felt that competition helps us grow... Continue Reading →

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