The Power of mental strength!

Strength, a word used so often by us humans. Youth are more focused on muscle and body strength, elders about strength of family relationships and a huge number of people focused on mental strength.  Even when we buy something new from the market, we do ask the shopkeeper about the strength and durability of the... Continue Reading →

Birthdays are not judgement days!

The sun has set and the clock running past 12 has marked the end of another birthday. It's been a great day with showers of blessings from near and dear ones. A day when even the most idle smartphone has a busy day. A day which over the years has evolved and changed drastically. Yes, it's... Continue Reading →

The bathroom singer 

We all know of people who have this habit of singing in the bathroom. Even some of you reading this might be proud owners of this habit.  Today I am going to make an attempt to dive deep into the feelings of such people. I am trying of describe what I feel about this. Not... Continue Reading →

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