Love, a feeling beyond imagination!

Love! Everytime I think of love, there are so many thoughts that come to my mind. Ever since I was in high school I just loved writing long paragraphs about love.

I have grown up seeing the concept of love change to various forms. I seriously don’t like the idea of defining love. This thing called love is completely unimaginable.

I used to wear spectacles. One day my father told me, “Son, do you like wearing specs?” I said, “No, I’m dying to get rid of it, but the Lasik surgery is costly.” Then what my father said is something I’ll never forget ever in my life, “Me and your mother live for you, work is never easy, all we want is to see you happy and achieving in life. Money is important but love and happiness is more difficult to earn.” 

Everytime I’m sad, I just close my eyes and recall these lovable moments of my life. No matter how sad I am or how shattered I feel, these moments still make my heart smile. This is love, it makes your heart smile.

Infatuation, a very common and popular term these days. With the evolving world of cosmetics, everybody looks smart and attractive. If someone attracts you for your colour or for seductive looks, don’t say you’re in love. 

Like in life, nothing is easy in love. Every emotion is a speed breaker in the highway of love. True love just keeps growing deeper. There are very few words because the eyes take over and when the eyes start expressing, they speak a universal language, the language of the heart, the language of love

There is a saying, “To define is to limit.” There are no limits in love, hence love should never have a definition. Let’s stop measuring the love of our loved ones because if we get too busy doing that we’ll miss something that will remain the biggest regret forever. 

True love connects hearts without any WiFi connection, Bluetooth or any other means of connection our minds can think of. True love has no religion because God is love and God has no religion. 

Do you agree? What is Love according to you? 

Well, if we could gather the thoughts about everyone on love and make a book out of it, everyone would want to get a copy.

Wish you all a very Happy Valentine’s day. Hope everyday of your life is a Valentine’s day, filled with so much love that even honey will be jealous of your sweetness. 

Have a lovable day. God bless!


102 thoughts on “Love, a feeling beyond imagination!

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  1. Love is action more than words. I have realized that with time. You could say you love someone and not care about them for another year or you needn’t say anything but show your love in action. Little gestures would do. Acknowledging what they do for you, saying how much you appreciate them, or simply spending time with them. That is all anyone wants eventually. The company of their loved ones be it parents, friends, children or partner, isn’t it? πŸ™‚

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  2. Love is Everywhere and Love is All around us. We just need to be able to share our Own Love and Open up to receive it back as well. Love can be found in even the smallest things, Love is often not loud. It’s not only about Love towards others, but most important is to Find and See the Love in Yourself, for Yourself. As when you are able to truly Love Yourself it’s easy to Love others. Try to share Unconditional Love as it’s in Everyone and Everything, even if you have to look a bit deeper or closer…but it’s there. Love comes in many ways and forms, but we all have it in us and we are All able to share it.

    With Love and Light,

    Angelique ღ

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    1. Thank you so much ma’am for sharing your insights! Honestly, after reading your words I feel that I’m still trying to graduate in Love when you have already received a doctorate in it. I am really humbled by your effort to visit and spend time reading my blog. Thank you once again from the bottom of my heart. Have a glorious day!😊😊

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      1. You’re very welcome Jothish! You have a Beautiful Blog with Great written articles, that’s why I decided to Follow it as well, looking forward to see more from you. If okay with you, I might share now and then an article from you on my website and social media? Have a Wonderful Day yourself…filled with Love πŸ˜‰

        Angelique ღ

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    1. Thank you so much. Glad you were able to enjoy reading it. And that’s a thought I have always been nurturing in my mind. When people understand that, maybe we’ll have a better world to live in. Thanks again!

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  3. Everyone would sure want a copy of such a love book.
    But then this kind of love has become rather rare and we have started taking ‘infatuation’ and ’emotional dependency’ to be termed as love.
    We have just forgotten the essence of true love.
    Though I completely agree that to define love is wrong, we should not limit it, it is beyond any measures.

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  4. For me love is commitment. There ain’t any relation where there aren’t struggle. What me and my generation do, is we give up whenever the relation strikes a rough patch. Our parents and their parents didn’t do that, so I guess their marriage lasted this long ! So I think love is commitment. Rest everything comes in- complementary!

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  5. it does , it does go beyond the lengths ….
    for what is love that cannot break the boundries of the so called world ….
    for love is what makes us and pervades us , and its more than few hormonal currents πŸ˜›
    you have written it so beautifully , there is connection to the core …
    keep writing , keep smiling

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  6. I love this!! Your soo right ; there is no way to phathom the complexity of love; it is story continuously changing with so many details!! … For me…the first inkling of love resides in the eyes as they see something uniquely perfect of another even when they don’t see it within themselves…. Then the true story begins!! Perfecto!!!πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ’žπŸ’ž

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    1. Everytime you say something, I just feel so proud, proud of the fact that I have connected to such a wonderful person who always helps me push my limits and makes my work glitter. Wish you a glittering and a immensely joyous day ma’am.

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      1. Like wise Jothish… πŸ˜„πŸ˜„ I enjoy reading your post because they make me reflect on the positives of life πŸ€—πŸ€— sending humble gratitudes through the fluttering dandelions that currently surround me!! If only my phone could capture a picture to do them justice!! πŸ˜„

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