Human ‘insecure’ beings

Human beings, we have so many words and phrases to describe ourselves. One of them is,“Man is a social being!” It definitely sounds cool and pleasing but I doubt if we actually live upto it. 

All of us are very much aware of what has been happening in the US recently. The newly appointed president believes that his country will be more secure if he bans certain nationals. He feels “insecure” of their presence. Shouldn’t we be more focused on a world of united human beings rather than being insecure of each other? If banning someone makes a nation secure then the whole of humanity should be banned. Fundamentally we are humans. Each of us was born with the same anatomy.

Religion is just a person’s way of connecting to his creator and let’s just leave it to that.

The social barriers that we have built between us is the biggest proof of our insecure nature. Why do I say this? I saw a real life incident recently. 

A class of students, some who try to study and some who don’t even know which class they are attending. Now, when a kid sees another student answering the teacher’s questions on a regular basis, what goes on through his mind? He feels jealous. He feels like a loser. My reaction would be, he should feel ashamed and challenged, not jealous! People should compete, it makes them more efficient. Feeling jealous is not a solution it’s a mistake. 

This insecurity has been there for ages, have a look at the history of humanity. There are loads of examples. Kings in the past killing their siblings for power. Children demanding their parents for their share of the property. Isn’t all this proof of our rich history of insecurity?

We compare ourselves to others and their situations. A kid wants the same toy the neighborhood kid has, a teenager wants a more expensive electronic gadget than his friends. It doesn’t matter if a youngster fails to pass the entrance exam as long as he has more marks than his rival. Some parents want their child’s salary to be more than a relative’s child.

I don’t understand what our basic motive is in life? To prove that we are better than somebody else? Isn’t that a goal too cheap we have set for ourselves? How often do we hear someone telling us to just enjoy doing what we do? 

There is bribery even in social matters. “Get ahead of him and I’ll buy you____!” Achieving success has become a prestige issue than a moment of satisfaction. Why? Insecurity. 

It’s human to make mistakes but by being insecure in our own society we aren’t just making mistakes, we are killing the opportunity to construct a society where we enjoy each other’s company, we help each other to grow, where an individual is identified as a human and not as a symbol of comparison. 

All of us have our own strengths and weaknesses. So, stand infront of a mirror and compete with who you see in it. Why? Because that’s the best you can be!

Let’s take the medicine for this very old disease. It’s time to be Human ‘social’ beings. Have a great day! God bless!


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  1. The entire Trump issue is certainly a debatable topic. Actually when we look at it on the whole, there can be very differing opinions. Some will come from the line of thought of Trump, others from the world in the East. I think your post intended to address humans as ‘Social Beings’ and has very aptly done so. There are certainly larger goals each one of us must set for ourselves. This task is more easy said than done, haha – taking into account how diverse backgrounds we all come from. But there’s certainly a higher goal which drives each one of us. There certainly resides humanity which shows up in times of need. For people who fail to recognise this humanity on the right time, your post is a must read 🙂

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    1. I feel good about the fact that you understood my motive in sharing this post. I was a bit unsure about how this post would turn out to be in this world of diverse bloggers. Your comment does makes me feel satisfied. Thank you so much! 😊

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  2. I totally agree with you… Jealousy isn’t the solution and a ban definitely not a solution. I think we should respect every religion and if we want to ban something — ban terrorists not the person.

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  3. I believe no human being is illegal. And Trump, I don’t think he did wrong, if this step of his will stop the bombing in Syria, Iran, Yemen, and other countries of Middle East. If we are talking about human social being than Obama was the worst president. He bombed people, and America is doing this from ages. So if this step of Trump can be accompanied by stopping the bombings, then I’m with Trump. And I do believe he i’ll do that. And second point. People compares, that’s the reality, that’s in the mentality. You compare which university, prices everything, then why not human beings, knowing , comparison that comparison is root to many problems, still we compare. Cmon we even compare gods. All I’m saying is this is the time we start questioning authority.

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    1. I’m not at all against comparison, but comparison shouldn’t be the only motive in life. I wrote only about my views of comparing ourselves for the wrong reasons, there are loads of other comparisons I haven’t even spoken about here. Neither am I supporting any politician. They are doing their job and I’m doing mine. What is more important for me is how I treat myself and the people I come across. If I fail to do something, I don’t believe in asking why someone else did it, I need to ask myself why I failed.
      It’s your view and I still respect it, you should stand by your thoughts. So will I.

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