Excuses are suicide attempts

Excuses! What are they? Before I thought of writing this blog I thought of checking out the meaning of this word. The definition says, “a reason used to lessen the blame.” Plain and simple. 

So, you might be wondering what has that got to do with suicide attempts. 

We humans have a very irritating habit. The habit of not seeing our mistakes as opportunities. Someone makes a mistake, the world seems to be over. Another thing we do very often is make excuses. Making an excuse seems to be a struggling human’s life line. 

How deep have excuses grown into our lives? Let me give you an idea. A student performs less than expected, he says the exam was tough. We reach late for a function, the reason comes out, “there was traffic.” Someone asks for a favour, the reply is,”sorry I am busy.” A player fails to perform for a long stretch, answer is,”he’s out of form.” 

It would be unfortunate to say that each day starts with an excuse and ends with an excuse. 

Now, while we make excuses, what are we actually doing? The definition says,”lessen the blame.” So excuses don’t help us in any way to mend those mistakes. They infact make us feel less guilty. 

Let me make it clear with an example. A patient goes to a doctor with a disease. The doctor applies all the knowledge he has. If he fails to find a diagnosis will he say,” Sorry I don’t know what it is. I didn’t attend class on the day when this disease was explained.” Think of the situation. Will the patient say,”never mind, it’s ok.” Certainly not. He might never ever visit this doctor again. Not a good sign. No doctor likes his knowledge to be questioned. 

Abraham Lincoln. This man needs no introduction. When he was a kid, he didn’t have the opportunity to study but he wanted to learn. So, he used to read books, learn from what others are saying and kept reciting them. Today we say that we didn’t have books, there was no electricity or I was I’ll, so we couldn’t study.
Successful people find reasons to be better each day. If they fail, they’ll try to find the solution to the problem overnight. 

We all have a potential and must be proud of it. Proud of it doesn’t mean to keep boasting about the potential. It means that every failure should be a chance to get better. 

When we don’t achieve our limits and try to lessen the blame by making excuses we are actually killing an opportunity, we are killing our potential, we are killing ourselves! Killing ourselves is better known as suicide. 

If a person fails to perform well, he should be bold enough to accept what went wrong. Nobody become less important by accepting mistakes. These are the people who become legends. The world remembers legends for their achievements not their mistakes. They were humans, they too made mistakes. They made winning a habit not making excuses.  

There is a ray of hope in every loss but if we have our heads down to look for excuses, that ray won’t be visible. 

Have a nice day. God bless! 


53 thoughts on “Excuses are suicide attempts

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  1. This is such a great post. You breaking it down to “excuses are suicide attempts” is actually quite an inspiration with a lot of motivation. I’ll be sure to keep checking out your blog for these amazing pieces you are sharing. ☺️

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  2. Yes, powerful comparison… which is more true than what we realize. Many people are alive and not living… Comes down to the sane thing. We have no idea what we are capable of and how awesome life can be.. and we have every excuse why pursuing truly being alive, is not possible, in our own unique life journeys!
    Thank you for great post!

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  3. Perfect choice of words for the title. I’m guilty as charged for making excuses all the time. You motivated me to get back up and do what needs to be done to achieve my life goals. It’d be great if you did a whole series of Motivation 101 like posts.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. 😊…Honestly I’m glad that I could help you become better. It’s never easy to be motivating, I get a lot of my ideas by reading posts of wonderful bloggers including you. So I’m not taking all the credit. I’ll definitely try working on your suggestion.

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  4. Um… It’s nice post. So true, “there’s a ray of hope” I consider hope is the husband of inspiration and if you have a hope that moment when you think about death his wife definitely change your mind. I hope you agree with me master joseph 😜

    Liked by 2 people

      1. If it make you feel younger I’m ok with didi. And tell me one thing how can a word didi make me feel older… If you meet anyone and address her behenji or didi, I think she doesn’t mind.

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