Is Childhood converging into smartphones?

If Children are flowers then childhood is the garden where these flowers blossom and spread their fragrance. The innocence and purity of a child’s thoughts is what makes childhood so divine and special. 

It’s really awkward sometimes when you think of the situation. With age we learn new things, we become mature, so shouldn’t things become efficient? Then why so much complication? Even the most cruel man was once an innocent and loving child. If children and childhood were so pure then why do we have cruel and shrewd adults. Well, chew upon that thought.

Every man’s life is based on a foundation built in his childhood. It is during this period that children climb the steps of life. That is the reason why initial control and love of parents is so important in their lives. Children now demand their parents for expensive electronics and these gadgets have sucked up their childhood like a vacuum cleaner.

Snake and ladder, ludo and so many other games were the highlights of our young days. All those games are now available in every smartphone. Their world has become smaller. In mathematical terms, Childhood is now equal to smartphones

Children are basically ideal professionals, they fit in almost every profession. They try repairing their own toys, they try to imitate doctors, they have a tendency to wear clothes in unorthodox manner(which is called fashion among adults ironically). So isn’t the smartphone restricting their world?

The world has moved on, childhood is now buried in smartphones. I see children using phones more efficiently than well qualified adults. There were days when calculations were done using fingers, then were attempted mentally but now simple addition and subtraction needs a calculator. 

We all are desperate to get the latest Android and iOS updates but our very own software seems to have downgraded. 

Once upon a time school recesses were spent to discuss about what the friends planned to do in the evenings and so on. Now it’s more about discussing about a new phone in the market or about a new video leak. Ask a kid in India about Sunny Leone, you’ll get an answer, but if you ask him who’s the President of India, he might disappoint you. A look at the trending videos in YouTube will tell you the whole story, the trend will show you that people spend more time watching filthy videos. 

The internet is an ocean, there are good and bad things but maybe children should dive into this ocean only when they have learned to make right choices in life.

When I was a kid, we spend our evenings in the playgrounds. Falling in the mud and returning home dirty was like an achievement. And guess what, half of these highly advanced washing powders and soaps weren’t there in those days. So this should have encouraged children to play more freely like they show in the advertisements. Now these playgrounds are lonely places. 

The kids have shifted their playgrounds to their PlayStations and smartphones and the outside world has become more insecure, now only criminals walk in the streets to harass women. A lot of these crimes are cultivated in these young minds who are looking for instant happiness.

The digital world has killed childhood and has taught children to seek pleasure in all the wrong ways.

Time makes us forget people but why have people forgotten to let their children be kings and queens in their kingdom called childhood? 

Childhood is about creating memories not downloading them. Smartphones might keep getting smarter but they can never make childhood smart. 

Have a nice day! God bless!

29 thoughts on “Is Childhood converging into smartphones?

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    1. Thank you so much, being nominated by you for an award is really special to me. I did get nominated for this award recently, I’ll add your name there. I hope you don’t mind. Have a nice day.


  1. This is so true! I have to literally take the phones away , turn the TV off and get my girls outside. Sure they moan and complain but then the day becomes something beautiful…☺

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  2. I wish children had more actual friends than virtual, played more physical games than on their gadgets. I am dreading to think what these kids will grow up to be, totally devoid of warmth in relationships, with health issues and probably burnt out in their 30s. It’s an alarming situation. I wish people understand the grimness of the problem.

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  3. When I was a child, all the kids from our neighborhood would hang out all day until the parents start yelling at us to go inside. Today every single playground is empty. Sometimes I see a small group sitting on a bench, but all of them have phones in their hands and I wish that somehow that phone could turn into a ball or some toy. When I see them I become so grateful for having a wonderful childhood, full of all kinds of games, laughter and joy. And I am grateful for being able to make real friends and real memories, and not those modern virtual ones. πŸ™‚

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  4. I love this post! Your thoughts & points are totally interesting & true! Technology nowadays should NOT replace memories & smartness of children. It’s sad to see children abandoning playgrounds & having their eyes glued to an iPad or something all the time! I like what you said about that our software has downgraded. You also made a true & valid point about how calculators are taking over & long gone are the days where we calculated numbers in our heads or using our fingers. The widespread of technological advancement hasn’t only affected children – it’s affected adults too. Even though it has many positive aspects, it also has some negative aspects too. We’ve (unfortunately) become too lazy & dependent on our smartphones, tablets & technology overall. Great Post! ❀️😊

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    1. True! Your comments mean a lot to me. You’ve picked up this post so well, you’ve mentioned every point in it. As a blogger it’s a really great feeling to have reached out to my readers.There’s one more thing I must tell you, I was going to write only Android in the post(the software part), that’s when I remembered you(you use pure apple devices, as mentioned in your award post)…That’s how I mentioned iOS there.

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  5. I was waiting for your next… And you’re coming with a thoughtful post. I really like the way you describe the new generation love for gadgets. It’s amazing…. Keep writing more like this πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

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  6. The point about calcutions is so true. My friend studied from a fancy international board . There they were using calculators from 6 th standard. Basically they gave their maths paper using calculator. And now when she has shifted to state board like rest of us its really difficult for her to cope with maths and she is having a hard time.
    I believe some of our qualities and basic aptitude develops at a certain age. And these smartphones are now hammering that growth process

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