Birthdays are not judgement days!

The sun has set and the clock running past 12 has marked the end of another birthday. It’s been a great day with showers of blessings from near and dear ones. A day when even the most idle smartphone has a busy day. A day which over the years has evolved and changed drastically. Yes, it’s that word again, CHANGE!

Personally for me my birthday is a day when I ask myself, what has changed in me since the last one. Did I accomplish a wish or a dream I had the last time I cut the cake? 

Each one of us has a different perception about our birthdays. A lot of us party hard, some of us love to spend the time with family and some prefer not doing anything. 

A lot keeps changing with each birthday, initial phone calls turn into text messages. People are so busy now that the initial lengthy wishes now acquire short forms. 

Another thing I have noticed about birthdays is that a lot of us judge our friends based on their wishes. The other day a really close friend of mine stayed awake till midnight to wish me but she wished me two days before the actual date. She started feeling guilty about it. My reaction was why? Why do we judge friends based on one day? Isn’t that cruel?

The saying about friends is, “A friend in need is a friend indeed.” It’s not,”A friend on a birthday is a friend indeed.”

Birthdays come only once in a year, if your friend misses it don’t categorise him/her as a bad friend. Mistakes are part of life. And a true friend has every right to be forgiven. 

This is what I told my friend,”I have known you for years now. I know what’s in your heart. You make a mistake, don’t be afraid to admit it because one mistake doesn’t make any difference to my friendship. I want you to be my true friend. Even Google can wish me happy birthday but when I need a friend only you can make the difference. You forget to wish me, it’s perfectly fine because I know you will never do it on purpose. I know how much you value me.” 

A lot of people keep asking,”Did he wish you, did she wish you?” If the answer is no, then there is a whole list of shortcomings of the person being explained to you. My description to this is, silly and totally baseless! Never lend your ears to these people, they are planting seeds of hatred in you. 

Celebrating birthdays with freinds is always amazing, we do all the craziest things in the world. However birthday celebration with our parents is divine. Nobody in the world even has a clue of the joy and happiness that came with your birth other than your parents. Whenever you are in doubt of your birthday being forgotten remember that two people will never forget it. Even the old people who have very less memory left, the last thing they forget is their child’s birthday. Don’t believe me, try it yourself. 

There was a time when I actually was very much worried about how many phone calls, how many messages and how many gifts I get on my birthday. Over the years I realised that a birthday is a day to be remembered as a day when you started an incredible journey. The day when your parents found a new reason the be happy, a day to think and ponder on your progress in life, a day when you thank the almighty for what you have. 

A birthday is a reason to be happy it’s a milestone day. Let’s not make it a day to judge others.

On this note, I would like to thank all my lovely followers for the wonderful and heartfelt wishes. God bless!

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  1. receive wishes is always a nice feel..but, i don’t mind even if someone close to me forget to wish ..even i don’t mind reminding them to wish me and vice versa .infact two days back the same thing friend pinged as she wanted me to wish on her birthday. But i found the message next day’s okay..why should we bothered much on you said a friend on birthday need not be a friend indeed alaways…let us not take things too seriously…so belated birthday wishes to you too

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  2. Thanks Joshep , I am just checked your blog , this is so nice, I really appreciate the appearances. Once again thank you for following my blog, if you don’t mind , please consider as I have migrated from to self hosted , you may check once and I must awaiting for your response. Keep blogging , i will be definately be in touch with your blog and checking to follow your blog as so that I can recv all notification in my self hosted blog.

    Will await more and more piece nice post from you too …here..

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    1. Thank you so much for the wishes, you are late but it doesn’t matter, it still means a lot! For the nomination, I read through and I feel proud that you found my blog so influencial. 😊😊😊😊😊. I’ll do the post as soon as possible!

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    1. That’s cool! I remember my birthdays but I do forget to keep count of my age, I try counting only when someone asks me how old I am. Anyways what’s in the age, as long as we are happy and bringing happiness to people around us. Thanks a lot for the appreciation! And happy to find a person with identical thoughts as mine. Have a nice day! 😊

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  3. You gave me a whole new perspective on birthdays. You are very right, theres so much more to true friendship than a birthday wish. I always learn something new from you. Thank you!

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  4. Many happy returns of the day. That is a very mature and sensible approach to what birthdays should mean. Kudos to you for gaining that insight so early on in life. Hope you have a great year, just like the day πŸ™‚

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  5. I have my best friends lost in their motherhood who wish me late. For me, these are quite uncommon. The only persons who wish without​ fail is my parents as well as quite a few special persons, and am proud of that. I too had similar feelings on that note as you wrote.

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  6. I had my best friend wishing me late on my birthday and I know he is always gonna be there when I need him but when a person knows you very well and still forgets how special that day is for you and still does not contribute to make it even special for you it kinda somewhere actually hurts and you feel bad about it.

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    1. It hurts, no doubt about that. A really close friend always tries his best to bring happiness to you but he’s also a human, he can forget at times. That’s when you are tested. Many of us completely ignore this good friend. There are a lot of other opportunities to find out how true a friend is. Birthdays shouldn’t be used for that. Anyways, as always I appreciate your views and totally respect them. Have ba great day, Ayesha!😊😊😊

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