Studying will be a curse unless you do it your way!

Recently I had a short debate with a friend regarding how to study efficiently and I got the idea of making it my next blog post.

All of us have a particular and unique way of performing our tasks. This includes the way we study. There are several ways of doing it. From repeating the same thing for days to studying a day before the exam. So many that even I don’t know the different methodologies. 

This is what I have learned in life as a student. All of us have some strengths and weaknesses. When we study, we should do it in a way we enjoy it. 

Don’t study because you have to but do it because you are enjoying the way you do it.

For example, we’ll find uncountable videos in YouTube telling us how to study. But that’s the way the makers have tried and succeeded. There is no guarantee that it will work for everyone. If it works, you are lucky. If it doesn’t work, don’t pretend to be a fool. Someone might like to study by just reading the text book but another will not learn anything this way. 

It’s a trend these days in India that school children go for private tutions after their classes. My question to parents would be,”If your child can’t cover basics what will he/she do when he/she gets into professional courses where you hardly have time to see your face daily.” If you look at the stats, children who study by themselves are more successful in the long run while children who are addicted to tutions find it difficult later on. Tution classes are like spoon feeding. It could be helpful today but not everyday. 

We might try methods and fail but remember that even in failures we have discovered a weakness which is impossible if you are afraid of failure.

We have seen some kids asking friends before the exam,” Did you study this? You know this answer?” If that guy doesn’t know it then everybody looks at him as if they just discovered that he has AIDS. His confidence becomes like a deflated balloon. 

People will come and give suggestions as if they have just patented it. Remember that only you have a patent of using your skills.

I would like to compare it with a film that recently grabbed the headlines and also the national award,  BAAHUBALI. The film ends with a positive character(Katappa) stabbing the hero(Baahubali) from the back. The whole of India wants to know why Katappa killed Baahubali? Now here’s what I want to say. Like Baahubali was fighting a war, you are preparing for the exam. Then a person comes giving you advice which is most often useless. He is Katappa! If you give ears to the advice, you are turning towards him to stab you in your face. You might say that Baahubali was still stabbed and killed but you know what, the movie is still named Baahubali, not Katappa!

To sum it up. Follow your style of studying and even if you take suggestions take them from experts who will help you realise your strengths and weaknesses. I sternly believe in all this because I believe that we are unique. We are all better performing tasks in our unique ways. A very well known quote too puts a big tick on my thoughts,”Great people don’t do different things they do things differently!”

Success is a process don’t expect victory overnight. Just make sure that you’re on the right path.

Have a great day! God bless.


32 thoughts on “Studying will be a curse unless you do it your way!

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  1. You have some excellent views! I taught for some time too..and I do give the freedom to the child to accept and express himself in a way he/she is comfortable in. However being in teacher in this scenario is tough! but then as a teacher, we get to learn so much from them.
    Good post!

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    1. It’s true, never easy to be a teacher! But there are some teachers who are just so amazing. They don’t worry about what others think about them, they don’t work for money but they literally live for their students. I always love to be appreciated by you!


  2. This is a great article to read… as a teacher… I used to tell my students to study for their future… but teens now a days never cared about their future… they feel like everything can be taken from google… they are lazy to expand their knowledge… lazy to study and kindda frustrating. They have no choice but to push themselves… as there is no other way to succeed but to have a degree 😊😊😊😊 but this is a great article. Thank you for sharing 😊😊

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  3. Wish, If i had an option in my my school days to learn what i really wanted…actually isn’t it so pathetic that here kids are always tuned in the same way…never their skills are taken in to consideration..and finally they all end up in some tution centers or tution for tution like that

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    1. True! It’s a trend we Indians shouldn’t be very happy about. Great minds who have made the county proud were people who followed their instincts. Parents are busy comparing the number of talents rather than helping children be perfect at one. I really appreciate your views! Thank you so much.

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  4. Jotish,
    I love this post. I think in this fast day of having everything at our fingertips, we sometimes lose patience in the process. It takes time to learn. I taught college for years. Many of my students want to be spoon fed what is going to be on the test exactly. Students won’t learn this way. There is no perfect answer. Each person needs to find what works best for him/her. I love your words, “Success is a process don’t expect victory overnight. Just make sure that you’re on the right path.” You are soooo correct! God bless as well! β€οΈβ€‹πŸ™β€‹

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    1. It’s an absolute honour ma’am to have connected with you. Whatever talent I boast of having today is because my teachers helped me find them and also gave me the opportunities. So being appreciated by a person like you is the best complement I can ever imagine for this post. I was not sure of what the response to this post would be but with your humble words I feel satisfied. Thanks a billion ma’am! 😊

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      1. Jothish! I just learned how to view my responses to comments from other sites. I had no idea πŸ˜β€‹. This makes me happy. A student who actually allows teachers to help him bring out his talents and live up to his greatest potential! A teacher’s dream student! Yeah! You will go far in life if you are always willing to learn. I ❀️​ it! Teachers learn from students just as much as we teach. Seriously. Thank you!

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  5. Good points brought out Joseph. Both my kids have different approaches to studying and I am fine with that. You cannot decide for another if his style of studying is right or wrong. They are the best judge for themselves.

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  6. Nice thought, Jothish! A lot of people have narrowed studying to a chore which can only be accomplished in one particular way. One of the keys to studying well or rather to enjoy studying is to be curious.
    I, for one, only study that which piques my curiosity or that which I understand easily. And studying becomes super easy and light.
    Also, the tuition trend in India is simply ridiculous! It’s understandable to take tuitions to crack competitive exams, but why spend extra money and time on something the school already teaches!

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