School days, a once in a life time bundle of joy.

True joy is a feeling beyond the vocabulary and there have been innumerable joyous instances in our lives. We tend to curse our bad moments but perhaps it’s time to value and be thankful for the precious moments. One such period is our days in school. 

When you hear the word ‘school’ what comes first to your mind? Homework? School bus? Parent teacher meetings? Well, irrespective of what comes to our minds we certainly remember our school days. It is a once in a life extravaganza.

Did we ever get worried about our marks in school? Were we worried about our looks? Were we worried about the next day? No, there were basically no worries other than the usual silly ones. All we did was to just enjoy the moment.

Around two years ago a professor asked us the difference between a school kid and a person in the 20’s. Since we all were very much interested in the subject he was teaching we gave a lot of biological answers. However, this is what he said,”When you were kids and happened to sit with girls and she touched you, you hardly ever noticed it. Now first of all you guys are dying to sit beside a girl and even if a tip of her attire touches you, there is an electric shock moving through your body.” Silly but true! 

What has changed since we grew up into adults that has made us so desperate? Has the growth of knowledge and understanding crippled the kid within us? I think so!

The best part about school was nobody felt insecure about another’s success. Nobody felt uncomfortable to share answers with others. I remember an incident where the invigilator caught me showing my answers to my friend. We all were desperately looking for the answer to a question which nobody knew in the exam hall. Then one of my classmates who finished the exam went out and told me the answer through the window and even told me to correct an answer I had written wrong. This never happens in a competitive exam. 

Life in school is simple and a totally innocent one. We enjoy each other’s moments of happiness. Be it a birthday or celebrating a festival. Everybody is equal. In college the people with more marks form a different group and the last benchers form another. There is a mental division between the students. When we do something silly at school everybody enjoys it but in college it’s a prestige issue. 

In school we all talk to almost everybody. But as we grow up the number declines.  

Basically the number of friends we talk to is inversely proportional to our age.

At school if we have a fight with our friends it last for hours or maximum to days. In college that person gets a permanent tag of an enemy. 

I feel really blessed that I still have contacts with atleast a handful of my schoolmates. Those who don’t give me importance I don’t mind. It’s their personal call but when they need me I’ll certainly be there for them as a good old friend. I believe that our best friends are always from our school days because those were days when we hadn’t seen a world which was full of jealousy and cheating. Nowadays we pick friends considering a really long list of requirements. That’s insane because no matter how well we pick, every individual has a shortcoming. We need to understand our friends from the heart and learn to accept them with the bads they have.

So let’s be kids from the heart and be as true to life as in our days at school. Celebrate the friends whose memories are imprinted in the golden era of your journey. Friends are there to help us and cherish our achievements not to be envy of them. 

Whenever you miss those days just take a moment to brush up those memories with the people who lived them with you.

Wishing all my readers a great day. God bless! 


40 thoughts on “School days, a once in a life time bundle of joy.

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  1. Yes it is!!! Speaking to you was fun as well as changed my perspective towards blogging and the true motive behind blogging!!!…thanks for your little time…hope you keep going

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    1. Famous? Well, I do think think I am anywhere close to being called famous. As for the experience, in this place nothing is wrong or right. So as long as the content is appealing and unique, people will appreciate the effort. Write your heart out and you’ll be a happy blogger. Isn’t being happy greater than being famous?

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  2. Wonderful article …. It was like all my school memories were flooding back while reading your post …. Thanks a lot for making me and everyone else remember about the most important part of their life….

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  3. I couldn’t agree more with the view of – ‘the number of friends we talk to is inversely proportional to our age.’
    Though I believe you can make few more friends while in college, but once you get into corporate or any kind of job, you can hardly find anyone to even genuinely talk to, let alone befriending them. It’s not friendships cannot be cultivated after college, but it is extremely difficult to come across such people who are sincerely interested in befriending you without any other personal interest.
    I personally have only one best friend from my school, and four from my college life. And I am extremely contended with having this small circle. πŸ™‚

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  4. Reading this brought back so many memories of my good old school days! Sometimes I wish I could go back to those days. Thanks for reminding us of the importance of being true to ourselves like we were when we were younger.

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    1. Happy to know that I could help you ponder on your school days and maybe bring a genuine smile to your face. Like you believe, everyone has a unique view of life. It’s a honour that my uniqueness could be helpful to you.

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