Newton’s first law of motion and YOU!

Every child who has been to school has definitely cursed Newton several times. They keep saying,” Why couldn’t he just eat that apple and be satisfied?” He was undoubtedly one of the greatest scientists the world has ever seen. Almost everything we do today is related in some way or the other to the laws extracted from his brain. 

I hope you remember the first law of motion. It was something we heard almost all the time we attended school. Anyways I’ll repeat it for you. 

It states that every object continues to be in its state of rest or of uniform motion unless an external force is applied on it. 

I was just asking myself why I couldn’t remember this so well when I actually needed to. School syllabus seems cake walk now maybe because I’ve seen more dangerous stuff. 

We are all very familiar with applying this law to the physics we studied. Don’t expect that from me. A new year has just commenced and I’m going to ask you to actually apply this law to your lives. Hope it sounds interesting! 

Now assume the body to be you. The external force is the inspiration you need. Now let’s rewrite the law again.

Every person continues to be in his state of rest or of uniform motion unless an inspiration is applied.

Sounds good? 

We humans are driven by our needs and dreams. If a person is uninterested in his life it’s because he has no needs and no dreams. While a person hungry for success is active and always waiting to conquer his opportunities because he is driven. 

So if your life is beginning to be boring for you. Ask your self why are you feeling so. There is a reason for everything and I mean everything. If you doubt it try it on yourself. You are feeling sad, there are several reasons but you know the real one. So let’s stop bluffing ourselves. 

Feelings are not diseases which can only be diagnosed by doctors. 

When do we waste time? When there is nothing to do? Why is there nothing to do? Isn’t the real reason that nothing inspires you? If you know that you have a chance to win something, will you not give it your 100%? 

Let’s not look for reasons to be unhappy about but hunt for chances to be happy and inspired. By inspiration I don’t mean changing your phone’s wallpaper and pasting inspirational quotes all around you. We are humans not robots!

If we have a dream we know what it is. We know how it must be achieved. Then why waste time doing things which don’t make sense to your dream?

We are real and so must be our ways to achieve real dreams! 

Every dark cloud has a silver lining and every dream has a beginning. Choose your destination not your fate because later even if you regret, it will be too late! May you find your spark. 

God bless!

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