Some loses are victories in disguise!

Two more days to go for the new year. All of us must have definitely made new friends through this year and the year will be greatly remembered for those golden memories with these great companions. However this number will most probably be less than the number of forgotten individuals in our lives. 

You must be wondering why I assume the number of forgotten people to be more. Well, it’s the trend of the 21st century!

Our lives are like burning candles. You never know when a wind will blow and the candle will get extinguished. Nothing and absolutely nothing is permanent in life. Hence never leave things half done.

All of us have encountered obstacles in our lives, some minor and some major ones. All along there were innumerable people to be there for us. Parents, teachers, friends, family members and sometimes total strangers. I doubt if all of us remember those moments when these Angels of God were like miracles for us. 

Many of these people are generally elders. We youngsters don’t like giving up to their elder’s pride. It’s like an elder brother saying that he won’t apologize to his young brother. To all those elder brothers this is what I want to say,“If you’ve made a mistake there is nothing wrong in accepting your mistake. People who accept mistakes only gain respect. It’s human to make mistakes and divine to forgive them.”

There is a Bollywood movie named “Munna Bhai MBBS”. There is a scene where the hero gives a “Jaadu ki Jhappi”(a magical hug, basically just a hug)  to a sweeper in the hospital. Sounds like a very regular thing. Here is my question to you readers, how often do we give a tight hug to our parents, siblings and the near and dear ones. Once in a year? Or never? 

When we were kids, the first thing we did when we were scared was grab the legs of our parents and hugged on till they bend to us and give us a hug and say,” It’s ok my dear!” Most of us don’t mind hugging girls these days and maybe are dying to get one. Sometimes hugging the right person for a good reason is more helpful than hugging a girl who is just a hobby for you. 

Good habits are better than bad hobbies

This new year enjoy with your friends but take some special effort to put aside your pride and comfort the forgotten heroes of your life. Who knows maybe this little act of kindness may earn you blessings and happiness that can change your life completely. 

There might be bad memories in our minds which are preventing us from connecting to such people. To this I would say,“Those who forget and forgive might initially feel like they’ve lost a war but have won the greatest reward of respect.” This act is so powerful that it can bring tears to even the most unexpressive eyes and will force them to think. This loss is indeed a victory in disguise! Go achieve it. 

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