“Social?” Networking

It’s Christmas and people are also desperately awaiting a brand new year. People who had a good year will be grateful for what they achieved. Those who didn’t have a good year are just waiting for the calender to turn over. Almost all of us will spare some time to wish the near and dear ones. 

You might be wondering what I’m up to. Well it’s related to the adaptation we have made in recent times in the way we wish each other. There was a time when people used to go to visit their relatives on special occasions and then there was a feast there. Elders talking about serious matters, children playing around, ladies preparing the special dishes. 

As time progressed the visits have nearly dried up. Initially the phone calls took over. The visits got limited to speaking over the phones. However, now even these have become a rarity. 

Over the years the telecom companies have reduced their fares. Ironically, social networking apps provide you with free calling and now it’s the age of free video calling. But wishing someone has become limited to just sending a text message. 

People say that social network has brought the world together. The world is assumed to be a smaller place now. I would say that all this high technology plays a significant role only if the concerned person is really out of your reach. 

We need to realise that technology is here to help us, we are not here to help technology. We must not let technology control the way we interact with the most important aspect of a human being to be a social being. 

These days almost everyone has access to the internet or atleast a phone. Traveling isn’t that easy but making phone calls isn’t a tedious task. 

So, this festive season let’s be more expressive in our way of greeting people. Don’t just live to be a part of the ever growing social network, use it but don’t let it make your social life a lazy affair.

Wishing you all a very joyful and blessed Christmas. May the new year be the dawn of a better social life for all of us. 


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  1. So true. Our lives are dictated by social media.We sit in the same room and like or comment different posts, twit and so on instead of communicating with each other. Visits? Everybody thinks of the traffic and journey instead of the actual meeting. Friendships are so rare, apart from the virtual ones when we never actually met in person but we are so good together.
    Great post. Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year

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