Killing a habit

Another year is about to end and very soon a new year will be born. Many of us see this as an opportunity to start a fresh chapter in our lives. We look to not repeat the same mistakes we commit. So why not start the year with a serious attempt to kill a habit we aren’t very proud of.

A habit, it can be good or bad. We call the good ones hobbies. During our daily routines there are many such habits which our instances term as BAD. 

Why do we categorise habits as Bad? It’s because we are very much aware of the fact that it is doing no good to our confidence and character. Then why are we doing it? We fall prey to these habits to avoid something, like avoiding loneliness and failure.

There are three steps I have in mind for those who whose minds have sparked the idea of killing a habit.

We must always remember that before we start preparing for anything, know why you are doing it. So the first step is simple. Know why you want to kill a habit. Another very important fact is that only the person himself knows if something is obstructing him to be himself. So, we should know about the influence of the habit.

Now comes the most important step, encourage yourself and think one step at a time. Don’t dream of the end result and give yourself a fake feeling of accomplishment. Take things one level at a time. Remember that the only person involved is you, so your attitude matters. Never believe that it’s going to be easy because it certainly isn’t. The reason you should be aware of this fact is because human brain greatly values hard earned victories. Hence when you succeed the effect is a permanent one. 
The last and final step, believe in miracles but don’t expect everyday of your life to be a miracle. The transition towards change will be gradual and tests your patience but don’t be discouraged. Never expect your habit to die in days. It never happens and if you believe it happened then be sure that it hasn’t died, your habit has just taken a break from you. 

Since the only person benefitting is you do it because you want it not because someone else wants you to be that way. 

Let’s put it all together.

  • Know your goals. Find the right reason.
  • Be your inspiration and just look at the next step not the result.
  • Expect gradual changes.

I haven’t given examples because I have left them to you. Put yourself in it and imagine the situation. Everyone’s ideologies are unique and so are our problems, however the only common factor is the urge to be better. 

Be hungry for your betterment and share your ways of dealing with problem with others. If you can influence one human with your skills do it because your skills deserve acknowledgement. 


12 thoughts on “Killing a habit

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  1. Very much effective .thanks for sharing. Once again thanks a lot for stopping by at my blog, one request actually I have migrated my blog from to. Org, your valuable feedback on my blog will be inspire me. Definitely I will be in touch with your blog too.

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  2. “Everyone’s ideologies are unique and so are our problems, however the only common factor is the urge to be better.” Love this line! So true, the idea of becoming better is the spark to get us started…

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