The bathroom singer 

We all know of people who have this habit of singing in the bathroom. Even some of you reading this might be proud owners of this habit. 

Today I am going to make an attempt to dive deep into the feelings of such people. I am trying of describe what I feel about this. Not many people talk about it, so I think I should put forth my thoughts.

Like majority of us I have bath daily but on one fine day I realised that I was singing while having bath and believe me I felt so good. I was happy that day for some reason and just before going for bath I was listening to an old song from one of my favourite movies. I was singing it for myself later and also adding some of my own tune. Then pretending to be very proud of my composition. After finishing my bath I paused and thought for a moment, why was I doing something unusual? I thought and finally I came up with an answer.

Why do people sing when they are bathing? Simple answer, they are happy people! Have you ever seen a man full of worries ever sing while he is alone all by himself/herself? The obvious answer would be no. 

Imagine you had a very good day and you return to your room as a satisfied person, what is the first thing you do? You’ll have a quick look at yourself in the mirror and will smile at yourself. Then while you are doing some casual work you’ll listen to some music and maybe do some dance steps of your own. Then even while bathing you’ll dance and sing. The best thing about all this is that nobody is judging you, nobody is interfering in your world of joy. 

When happy we do the craziest things, which at some other time we would feel shy to do! 

So, a person who is happy is like a drunk man. He doesn’t care about what others will think of him because he is so busy enjoying his freedom and unconsciousness. 

A person who is filled with happiness is the most confident person you will ever come across in your life. He will be silly, he will be innocent in his approach. 

Now let’s see the other side of this feeling. A worried soul! Do you ever see a sad guy doing crazy stuff? He is so tensed and compressed that every time he is about to do something he will think several times,”Should I do this? What if something goes wrong? Will people laugh at me? Will I succeed?” His mind is a factory of questions. 

It’s good to ask questions in life but sometimes answering questions is more important. 

So whenever you are happy and are having a bath, sing because nobody is going to rate your performance. Dance because nobody will laugh if you don’t look professional. Express your happy moments not just mentally but physically too. Let your whole body know how good it feels to be a happy person because not everyday is a good day and you deserve to celebrate your happiness. 

Happiness is your reward, celebrate it! And who knows, maybe you still haven’t discovered your singing and dancing skills. Even if you aren’t good, the only person who knows this secret is you and nobody else will be more keen to keep this a secret.

Be expressive, be simple! Life is not a reality show, don’t let flies suicide in your cup of joy. 

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    1. This is my goose bump moment of this year. I simply can’t ask for a better end to this year. Feel really honored and blessed to have recieved such an honest and humble review form a really seasoned blogger! Thank you so much!

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