If there were no women?

This is perhaps a question which gets raised atleast once in a day somewhere in the world. The reason I say so is because there will be atleast one breakup in the world each day and if we consider statistics maybe the number will be bigger. After a break up, one of the statements the boy is going to say is, why are there girls in this world, there should have been only boys, we would be so happy, no heartbreaks, no worries, and so on! 

This is how many of you will answer my question. If there were no girls(women)…..

There will be no men because women give birth! And yes, some guys will come up with naughty answers. 

These are not answers I have made up, this is what I heard people say when I actually asked them. So, before we go to the answer I am trying to convey to you let’s analyse ourselves. Who are women? 

The answer we all have about who a women is will be a really diverse one and there is nothing wrong with it. Each of us has a unique opinion about life and so is our approach. What you have thought out in your mind reflects your character and the way you see women.

We hear a lot of news these days about rapes, something we humans should be ashamed of. The problem lies in our mentality, we have lost our values and are making a habit of objectifying women. 

Women are not objects of pleasure! Women are not servants! Women are not second grade humans!

There is no point blaming these social criminals for their inhuman behaviour because they don’t become criminals in just one day. Crime must be killed at the roots and not when they are commited.

Everyone knows what is pornography. Children grow up watching these things. Many will ignore it by saying that it’s one of those habits which will disappear with age. This is where things go out of control. Remember, habits are developed through constant repetition and at some point of life it becomes uncontrollable. Nobody loves to grow weeds in his lawn, then why are we allowing it?

We begin our lives in the womb of our mothers. Being a mother isn’t an easy job, I had very little idea about it, but in one of the blogs I follow I’ve been reading about the daily challenges of a mother and all this is so easily drowned in the ocean of mother’s love. The oceans don’t dry up, so is a mother’s love for her child. We all have memories of our childhood where our strict fathers kept us in fear and we would always find the mother’s shoulder to lean on. If they wouldn’t exist? Unimaginable situation I would say. 

A sister, you best friend in your family! She’ll know all your secrets, from names of girlfriends, to the number of times you’ve bunked school by pretending to be ill. Not everyone has a sister, but if you have, wouldn’t you miss all this?

Now comes the most complicated one, girlfriends. If you are in true love with someone then I don’t think I need to talk much on this topic (because I have plans to write about this separately in another post). Wouldn’t you have missed being in love?

Last but not the least, Wife! Another way of saying this would be, your”better half”. They complete the family, the regular misunderstandings between couples is part of family life, because life is not all sweet nor all bitter.

Start giving importance to the essential ingredients of life before the candle of life gets exhausted. 


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  2. Great post!i appreciate your time to post as this,i accept that this world is nothing without us,but we are not selfish to take all the credit,so i can even tell men are even important,not only for reproduction thing but also few other things,wonen need men and men need women,it’s just as simple as the theory of light &dark.If there is no darkness ,one can’t know the value of light n same with light!

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    1. Yeah, it’s a mutually supportive truth. Both need each other. Nobody’s role is less important including the one you’ve mentioned. I really appreciate you for allowing your senses to ponder on my thoughts.

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  3. Another excellent post dude! Can’t imagine a world without women. Besides they bringing new life into this world, they lend a wonderful balance to life. On a lighter note, we could do with a little drama once in a while, else life would be very boring πŸ™‚
    Women are probably best thing to happen to this world πŸ™‚

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    1. Yeah! Well said,”a little drama…..”. Challenging and out of the way happenings do deserve a mention in our lives. And not to forget, love stories! Without women this wonder would just be an unimaginable dream. Glad you enjoyed it!☺

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    1. Well, writing about something that we tend to not know well is the biggest challenge, that is what I attempted. Receiving such feedbacks is what I consider as my reward for this brave attempt. Thank you so much.

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