The secret about you!?!

Being shattered by situations in life isn’t a pleasant feeling for anyone. However I must say that these situations should make a guest appearance once in a while in our stories. Nobody loves films without a twist! 

There are innumerable instances in our lives when we feel so let down that we tend to question our existence. Wouldn’t blame anyone for thinking so, it’s human nature. However, it’s time we realised that life isn’t as complicated as we assume it is, life isn’t as confusing as we make it. The truth is that we don’t realise the significance of our thoughts. 

For instance, imagine you are in a situation in life where almost nobody supports you, nobody even values your existence. Now, many of us will believe that this is the worst life can get, but that isn’t true! There is a worse situation, the phase when you have started disbelieving yourself. It’s time we realised how important we are to ourselves. 

Who knows everything about you? Who knows your strengths and weaknesses? Who knows all your secrets? Who takes the final call on what to do in your life? Who determines how you live your life?There is just one answer to all these questions! And it is YOU and ONLY YOU!

When the whole world is against you the only person(other than God) who can do wonders in your life is you. When everyone is cursing you, insulting you, disrespecting you, it hardly makes a difference if you still believe in yourself(I’m not referring to situations when you have done wrong). You can have support of a million people but if you don’t rate yourself as precious it’s a dead end.

Another thing we fail to value are the random suggestions people keep giving us during our lives. If you just look back at your life, there have been many quotes and inspirational talks given by our parents, teachers, family members and also friends about life. You will be surprised to know that all those talks which we considered boring and not applicable to our generation actually made sense. Solutions to all your problems in life were being given to you while you grew up, it’s just that you didn’t notice them. I remember my class teacher once telling us that your school is just like a cocoon, the world outside is big and unpredictable and the first thing you must learn to say is NO. Learn to say no to wrong things!

“Stop sitting broken hearted for what you cannot control, open your eyes and discover the ray of hope that is still shining from your soul.”

For instance, Virat Kohli(an Indian cricketer). Nearly every Indian is proud of his talent, but what good is the public support if he doesn’t make use of his abilities and doesn’t nurture his talent. He is the best because he trusts his abilities. People today value you for what you are, nobody cares about your past or future. As long as your mind is positive, you are still in the race, but the moment you stop trusting yourself, the battle is lost. 

The fundamental aspect of our lives is our mentality and the way we go about our lives. We are not born as stars or without talent. All we have to do is stay loyal to ourselves. So the next time you encounter a situation when you don’t know what to do in life, tell yourself, this is not the end, I believe that I can be successful no matter what comes my way because my most valuable weapon is still with me. When we were born, God gave us everything we needed to be happy in life and the root of that is self belief.

“Your life is your responsibility, nobody can make it or break it better than you.”

I was inspired to write this post by one of my very close friends. While I was traveling recently I was struck with this thought that we all don’t know how important it is to believe in ourselves. It can do wonders because afterall we are creations of God and I don’t think he creates anything worth less than a wonder. 

Be happy! Believe! And be you own confidence booster! If you believe, nobody can stop you from being successful.


12 thoughts on “The secret about you!?!

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  1. Most needed post! Love this line β€œYour life is your responsibility, nobody can make it or break it better than you.” Really lifted my spirit, thank you…

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  2. I always say: “the most important person in your life is you” it sounds a bit selfish but it’s not. You are the hope, the joy and sorrow. Only you can change your life. Brilliant post

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