Yes you can be friends!

When we hear the word friend or friendship, many of us create an image in our minds. Ironically the image either has only boys or only girls. Does that mean we assume that boys can be friends only with boys and girls only with girls? If so, perhaps it’s time we click on the pause button of our lives and spend some time questioning our unfortunate mentality.

Friends, who are they? And mind you, I’m referring to the true ones. Let’s not allow our lives to be like the true or false questions we had in our school exams, some true some false. Do we deserve false elements in this beautiful life we own?  Friends, they are people who basically cannot be expressed or defined.

“Friendship is a relationship which cannot be defined and cannot be measured.”

We receive several messages on social media asking us to choose options and in return telling us about how good our friendship is. Pathetic! I just don’t understand why on earth do you need a software or a totally alien person to evaluate your bonding with a person. Indirectly you are telling yourself that you don’t know anything about that person and you have no idea about your life. If this is how we judge friends, I would say why do we even have them?

“Friends are like salt in your food, you can still eat your food but it won’t be tasty!”

A friend doesn’t mean a person who pays your bills, nods a yes for all your needs and always smiles at you even though you don’t deserve it. True friends fight, have misunderstandings and nearly all those things you expect between enemies. However the difference is, despite all this somewhere deep in their hearts they still value each other. 

So that was a rough idea about friends. Now let’s come to the main part,the idea that conceived this blog. Why can’t we have good friends from the opposite gender? Why do these strange ideologies still exist in this generation? Can’t a girl be a good friend to a boy and vice versa? I don’t think so! I believe that the problem lies within our minds, we are so busy listening to false thoughts that we don’t realise how much we are being cheated by them. Look at the kids, they don’t care if their best friend is a boy or a girl, then why do we adults have a problem? We consider ourselves to be mature compared to kids then why have we faultered here?

“Your character is reflected by the quality of your friends and not the quantity.”

There is a saying,”Behind every successful man there is a woman.” It says ‘woman’, and a woman can be a friend! I would rather say it’s better to have a friend from the opposite sex. Atleast you know what they think, and have an idea about their way of analysing a situation. All that matters in friendship is how true it is, it really doesn’t matter who your friend is. As long as your friend cares for you, values your opinions, isn’t afraid to help you climb the ladder of success, finds your faults and helps you grow as a person, and last but not the least(Borrowing this from one of the blogs I follow) fills your life with positivity. 

Lastly, treasure your true friends, they will be yours forever. Truth is immortal and so are true friendships, its better to spend your time and energy for something which is permanent. 

When we finish our journey of life nobody will judge you by the number of friends you have on Facebook. 

Choose friends not genders!  And indeed you can be friends! πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘«πŸ‘¬πŸ‘­


10 thoughts on “Yes you can be friends!

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  1. So true post by you Jothish!hope you don’t mind me addressing you as such..Glad to meet you and thanks for the follow.Your writings are so honest&amazingπŸ™‚


  2. THIS IS SO TRU!!!! πŸ’― some people mistakenly think that it’s flirting which is really disappointing. We must be more open minded. Start building friendships instead. It’s one thing that money can’t buy and we must treasure them ❀ nothing beats the feeling of being surrounded by positive and supportive people!

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