Their love is immortal!

Being a parent is undoubtedly a tedious task. We children can’t even imagine the pain which our ever supportive parents go through, until we ourselves become one. 

From the moment we are born in this world full of challenges our parents start the enormous task of building a bright and secure future for us. There is a saying,”You cannot always please everybody.” The reason I used this here is because many of us live an unsatisfied life, not valuing the real gems (our parents) we all own. Complaining about lack of facilities is a trend among children these days. Some demand a bike when they pass the tenth standard. My question to such people is, why do you need a bike? Isnt it because your best friend just bought one?, or because someone urged you to demand your parents for it? No point in blaming anyone because this is a habit we humans have propagated. Perhaps it’s time to question our cheap ideologies which are driving our lives to baseless destinations.

Life is not a wrestling tournament where you win a match and demand for the Gold medal, but maybe we should realise that life is a journey where your biggest asset is the respect you earn from your co-inhabitants.

So let’s just stop demanding and starting earning in life. 

Parents always try to give the best possible opportunities to their children, even the ones they were not fortunate enough to get! An example of this are the smartphones we use. In a family, the children(who don’t even earn a single penny) have the best featured smartphones. However the parents have a cheaper phone(they have an earning). Sounds strange but it is the reality. 

Every human being faces a certain phase in his life when nobody supports him, because he has no power, no money and no popularity. Mark my words, during these tough times the only people who will stand by you will be the people who gave you birth. It’s not because they have no option, it’s because you belong to them.

The only property we all own permanently in this world is our parents!

They only know to love you, don’t repay them with sorrow. 

Being a good child is not an easy task, many times it isn’t easy to live upto expectations. All we need to remember is that we don’t live to match expectations, but we live to justify the talent and potential that is unique to each one of us. 

“Be your own hallmark and never fail to love the people who will always be your Sunshine no matter what the weather.”

-A Blog is an art which is incomplete without the views of the readers. 


14 thoughts on “Their love is immortal!

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  1. My Parents are so wonderful day when I start to talk about how wonderful they are, I will run out of words….
    I celebrate them always…
    Thanks Joseph for this opportunity given to me to publicize to the the world how wonderful my parents are…
    Cuddles to you


  2. Thought-provoking & inspiring post. Thank u for sharing. And I’m glad to be a member of your fan club. I’ve followed your website since your articles are wonderful & truly captivating.

    Gratitude, Fatma

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    1. Honestly I can’t find words to express how I feel right now on seeing this honest comment. People say the world isn’t that good anymore, but do you realise that honest and open-hearted people like you still make the world glow despite its recent shortcomings. Thanks a billion! I don’t know how to be more grateful.

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      1. Thank you. Your words are too heavy to take upon me. I feel very honoured & humbled. May kind people like u exist in life & I come across such whole-hearted people. Very overwhelming! Thank u

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  3. Once again, very pleased to read your writing. It’s really sad but very true that children get to use the most expensive phones bought by their parents while the parents use the inexpensive ones- this is only one of many examples of parents being selfless. Good wishes for you πŸ™‚

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