A mother’s womb is known to be the safest place on Earth. The simple reason for this being  that we simply don’t need to worry about anything. Food is available, and we don’t even need to chew, no need to even bother about the whether around you. No worries about the annual exams. A place so full of peace!
Every fortunate human being is born with a pair of eyes. However, hardly anyone actually relishes their esteemed presence and valuable service. After all it’s a free service and we humans have a tendency to take everything that comes free for granted.

When a child is born, the first thing it sees is a smiling nurse most often. This is followed by a bunch of smiling faces of the anxiously waiting relatives who are desperately trying to find who’s face the baby resembles. The baby still has no clue of what is going on. 

We see innumerable things and happenings around us, but how have we been analysing these small but influential instances? Every object is accounted on the basis of how we see it. Our way of looking at a problem is what determines how it eventually solves out.

God gave us eyes so that we may see this beautiful world and cherish it’s beauty, times have changed and the whole world has now converged to our electronic gadgets. 

Science says that our eyes feel relaxed when we see green colour, isnt it true? When we see greenery don’t we feel relaxed and happy? This is the reason perhaps why people in the villages have better eyesight than the ones in the huge cities where money is the synonym for happiness. 

If you ever happen to see a person with thick glasses on, just ask him how he would feel if he was freed of his glasses and could see everything without the aid of these man made glasses. I don’t think you could ever give him a better dream to imagine. 

Glasses may be your way of looking stylish, but remember that they are never going to be a part of you. As days pass they will get thicker and eventually you will end up being like a man on clutches, totally dependent on something which will never give you the satisfaction of being you,forever! 

Not every human born is blessed with normal and functional eyes (these are rare cases, but are worth a mention). We must be thankful to God for atleast giving us a pair of normal eyes. Don’t measure happiness with your bank balance, but measure it by enjoying your vision. 

I recently had an operation to get rid of my spectacles. The world still looks the same but my ideology has changed. I have realised the value of a healthy eye. After my first checkup, the doctor said to me,”All the best and enjoy your vision.” A statementwhich means so much. Our eyes are our properties and no one else will ever enjoy it or pay for it more than you. So, stop living your vision and start enjoying it. 

Indeed, there was, is and never will be a better camera than your very own eyes. 

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  1. Hi Jothish, I’m glad to have found your blog via your comments on mine. I really loved the concept of the post. You are right, it really is a blessing to have a clear vision without any help of spectacles. My brother recently had a surgery to get rid of spectacles and now he can enjoy the beauty of the world just like you. He too finds utter joy in speaking of seeing the world with no glassed barriers in-between! Nice post, hope to read more from you 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much Polomi. I really appreciate your comment, especially for being so open hearted. It’s really an honour to be followed by you. I am trying my best to get another post out as soon as possible…..

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