Colors of Our Rainbows

It’s Easter ladies and gentleman, the festival of new life is here again, it gives me immense pleasure to be able to publish my latest post on such a auspicious occasion.

We all know what a rainbow is, don’t we? This aesthetic wonder potrays all the basic colors of nature, all the others we visualize are various combinations of these fundamentals. Life follows something similar, some people are an integral aspect of our stories, and their influence is truly inevitable, but we humans under estimate their roles on innumerable instances. It’s unfortunate though that we do eventually try to make up for the mistakes later in life, but by then time has escaped from our reach.

It’s true, life is a bag of mixed events. You’ll never know what surprise is awaiting you at the next cross road, neither can you be the proud author of an immortal saga of joy. People term life as a race but in the process have forgotten that a race can only be won or lost if you participate. During this roller coaster ride we confront so many co passengers, but have we attempted to value their esteemed presence? Or have we just taken things for granted? Unfortunately the answer to that question is NO.

The voyage commences with the two most important and exorbitant figures in our lives, our most beloved parents, the people who scripted the foremost and efficacious chapter of your incredible peregrination on Earth, the spark that ignited our lives. A parent’s biggest dream is to see their children happy and prosperous, and to always see a satisfied smile on their innocent faces. It’s unfortunate that we don’t realise this. This is how I have learned to try to be a better son, whatever you do, before committing to it imagine yourself as a parent and ask yourself if you as a parent would be happy if your child did what you are about to do. If your instinct gives you a positive answer, go ahead, I guaranttee that you’ll never regret your decision, otherwise just withdraw right away. Believe me, your instinct will never betray you635872922961308004710470567_parents

“Expectations are like a journey on a train, if you have good company, it will be a joyful memory, parents are our best companions in this journey called life.”

Teachers, who are they? Many of us have a bad habit of not giving them the respect they deserve. It true that not all teachers are perfect in their subjects(by the way that’s the major reason we tend to give for disliking them), after all its human to err. As the scriptures say, “Mata Pita Guru Dev”, so our teachers have a really pivotal role to play. I am really proud to say that I have had the privilege of having such wonderful teachers. Many say that only the bright students get their attention, but my question to you is, God created you like he created everyone else, yes all have their own unique talents(One can be more talented than another, but not a better creation). Then why is someone better than you?…the answer is simple, because you did not use the opportunities to the best of your potential.

Let me just give you a glimpse of the significance my teachers have had on me. I was an ordinary kid who never knew of his talents, but then by God’s grace I was blessed with the opportunity to study in a school where student life was beyond the boundaries of books, we were taught to be the best in what we do(doesn’t it sound exciting)! Then came the next golden moment, higher secondary school. A place where I learned that for a teacher, students are not just limited to the walls of a classroom, but we are part of that ever expanding family where everyone is loved and appreciated. Many of us might have noticed that the most disliked people eventually turn out to be part of our premium memories.



The best award you can receive from any school is when a teacher whole-heartedly tells you,”I have never taught you but I know you better than my own students.”

Next in my list comes the group which basically never stops growing bigger, people who know nearly every secret about you, FRIENDS. Like people nowdays do, don’t expect me to expand on the letters of the word. Do you actually think the meaning of such a potentially strong character must be restricted to just the word itself, I don’t think so! They define our world. It’s not easy to describe what a good friend means to us in just words, but here is an attempt. Imagine, tomorrow is your exam(which incidently is your last atttempt to cross the line), you get a call from a buddy you’ve been trying to trace for years. The night ends with you narrating nearly every incident that you encountered while he was missing from your life(including every girl you’ve proposed). And to make things worse, both people end up having a zero balance in their cell phones(mobile operators make a lot of money thanks to such good friends).

If parents are our foundation, teachers are the architects then friends(good ones, 21st century has a lot of false ones, mind you)are the people who actually make you look and feel the way you are. When you are having a bad time, it just takes a good friend’s company to do your confidence a world of good. Bad times help you to discover the pearl in your deep ocean. It’s the age of social networking, making friends has never been easier, but remember, making a lot of friends is a fashion but making good friends is a blessing!Friends

Friendship has no expiry date….because it’s a positive energy generated when people work towards the betterment of each other, and the law of conservation of energy states,”Energy can neither be created nor destroyed.”

With that I come to the end of another post. There may be views which you might not agree upon, please feel free to share your views because I don’t believe that I have all the knowledge and experience in the world, but yes together we can make the world a better place and that’s what my blog is all about. I started this blog not because I have free time, but because I think it would be better to invest the little leisure time I have in working for a better cause………..Your passionate blogger, Jothish!

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