The Second chance

There have been several instances in our lives when we were desperately thirsty to make amendments. Opportunities are as vast as the universe but its how you seize your opportunity that makes you a winner in the long run. People all over the world have their own ideas for the term “existence”, some call it happiness, some think its money while another fraction of humanity doesn’t even bother to allow their nostrils to perceive the fragrance of the best creation of God, LIFE.

No human being was ever created to be perfect. The basic motive of life is to try, understand our shortcomings and if failure knocks our door, be willing to accept defeat with an attitude that, “This will be my last!”

A loser is nobody’s favorite. History is proof to my words, every hero in the sands of time was once a victim of failure. Today may not be the best day, but remember, every day is a new opportunity, the dawn of new hopes, the foundation for a better tomorrow. There will be second chances in life, but a second chance doesn’t mean an opportunity to produce a better result, it is an occasion to unleash the BEST.

Since we all have been affected by some disease or the other during the course of our unique adventure of life, here is a scientific explanation to my above framed idea. When our body is initially attacked by a pathogen, we do fall ill, but with medications and some internal mechanisms patented by “The Old man upstairs”, we regain health. However, when the same pathogen makes a return, this time our immune system is well equipped and prepared to fight the disease and all is well. So here is what it means, there are many occasions when we are caught unprepared, and the inevitable does occur, but, the next time we face the same situation, all questions must be answered, all weaknesses must be overcome, the mentality to strive for excellence must step in.

So I wind up with an advice, “Never under-estimate your abilities, you are special, you are unique, provided you live with an ambition to be YOU…”

On this positive note I end my first ever article. I extend my Heartfelt gratitude to everyone who helped me live this dream and also to the Almighty(” The Old man upstairs”). The journey has just begun and we have a long way to go because the older the wine the better it gets.Video_Fallback


9 thoughts on “The Second chance

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  1. It’s really so adorable n inspirational thoughts by you bhi,
    Keep it on writing,its amazing
    N waiting for d nxt one,,,


  2. It’s really so. adorable n inspirational thoughts by you bhi,
    Keep it on writing,its amazing
    N waiting for d nxt one,,,


  3. Jothish… that was really inspiring….You can do more than you think you can do….Go out for that…
    All the best !!!!!!!


  4. Yes Jothish, I see a very serious blogger in the making…………… All the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  5. That was really Inspiring Jothish!!!Waiting for the Next one from you…..
    Very good start keep your Instincts high!!!👌😊


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